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best medical travel insurance
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There are lots of things need to be prepared before traveling. One of them is getting the best medical travel insurance. There is always that unknown factor of life. Getting travel insurance is one way to cover the damage of that unknown factor.

Is Travel Insurance Truly Necessary??

There are certainly a lot of people who believe that getting travel insurance is a waste of money. We cannot say that the statement is wrong. However, it cannot be denied that travel insurance is more than useful.

Applying for insurance is basically a gamble. Whatever is the kind of insurance, it is a gamble. After all, the purpose of insurance is to cover the unknown inevitable. But, how does one see whether insurance is a total waste or the opposite, helpful and useful? It all depends on the situation of the holder.

For an example you are a traveler in your fifty. You are planning to go on a vacation in India. You have booked a room in a five stars hotel. Your plan here is to just walk around eating street food and eating in the best restaurants. Your idea of transportation is a rented scooter. Do you think it’s necessary to have travel insurance?

Compare the previous example with the following one. You are a traveler in your mid twenty going to London. Your idea of vacation is to crash on your buddies’ flat and hunt discounted tickets of everything. With this uncertain situation, it is ‘bound that unknown factor’ will bestow upon you.

It is clear which example is the one needs travel insurance. The conclusion is you need to get travel insurance when your trip doesn’t have a guarantee over security. If your trip is covered with the best services, you can leave out the travel insurance application.

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Getting the Important Thing Covered by Travel Insurance

Now that you conclude your trip plan is kind of risky, you need to apply for one. However, your budget doesn’t cover everything that travel insurance offers. We think that there is one thing that is truly important to be covered with travel insurance. That one thing is your own health.

There are lots of things that travel insurance offering to cover. From canceled flights and lost suitcase, you can claim them. But, as for things, they are easily replaceable. It comes differently with health. Thus, it is why you need at least get medical travel insurance applied.

We are sure there are tons of best medical travel insurance reviews out there. Here, we are offering to present our own list of best medical travel agencies. We hope this list can help you to choose the best medical protection during your trip.

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex offers various travel insurance plans. They include the best medical transportation as part of the plans. The variety of insurance plans has different levels of protection.

Aside from ambulance transportation, they also have 24-hour medical assistance, hospital service, emergency dental procedures, and so on.

The plans Travelex offer also cover both pre-existing and new medical conditions. If your trip is a family one, you might want to consider getting Travelex Travel Select plan. This plan includes the same travel and medical coverage in every of Travelex’s insurance plans.

However, in Travel Select plan, you will also get a cover for children under 21 years old without additional cost. If you have underage children in the backseat, this plan is suitable.

The travel plans Travelex’s offers are truly various to meet your need. Aside from one that is suitable for family trip, there is also for business travelers. The plans aimed for business travelers both have the frequent and infrequent variety.

If you are confused what the right one is for you, you can just visit Travelex’s website. Using its tool, you can enter your details including trip dates, state, trip costs, and age. In seconds, you will receive choices of Travelex’s travel insurance plans that are suitable for you.

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HTH Travel Insurance

The offers HTH Travel Insurance has are the most flexible medical travel insurance plans in the insurance industry.

The flexibility in insurance plan makes HTH as the best medical travel insurance 2017. This is why we have included HTH Travel Insurance on our list. After you have chosen insurance plan, HTH offers you how much medical coverage you want.

The freedom to choose is not only about the medical coverage. It also includes choosing your deductible. It includes what you want your deductible to be or even opt for no deductible at all.

The flexibility of this freedom to choose is big deal. It is because other medical travel insurance agencies mostly do not give this option. This is certainly what makes HTH Travel Insurance so valuable.

However, in order to apply, you must be enrolled in a primary health plan. If you have enrolled, you are eligible for travel insurance plans HTH offers. If you are not, you might want to check the rest of this list.

Also Important for Your Travel:

MH Ross

There are several different policies you can choose from MH Ross. Each of them has different medical travel insurance limit. One of the insurance policies is Complete plan.

It provides $250,000 worth of coverage for injuries and illnesses emergency medical treatment. It also includes $500,000 worth of coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

All plans MH Ross offers includes dental expenses. They also include prescription medications and ambulance transportation which are needed because of your illness or injury.

MH Ross’ offers are suitable for you who want all in a package. It makes MH Ross the best medical travel insurance for Europe trip.

The great thing about plans offered by MH Ross is the variety of plans has a lot of options to meet your need. If $250,000 worth of medical coverage is too big for you, you can choose the affordable one. It offers $50,000 worth of coverage.

Getting the best medical travel insurance is crucial. We stand with our statement that insurance is a gamble.

However, when all the factors have been calculated and met, getting one is a necessary protection. Remember that you have to consider what kind of trip you will be going before deciding not getting travel insurance.