Best Credit Cards for Foreign Travel, Plastic to Saves lots of Problem

Best Credit Cards For Foreign Travel
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Why look for best credit cards for foreign travel when carrying cash is simpler? That is definitely the wrong question to ask. The fact is that with credit card, traveling is safer. Furthermore, using a piece of plastic for purchasing saves lots of problems.

How does using a credit card save problems? First, carrying cash everywhere is risking the chance of you getting mugged. Because when cash is gone, it is gone. Furthermore, aren’t you anxious for being wary all the time afraid your cash will be gone? Save the stress by using a credit card instead.

Then what about a debit card? Same answer. Credit card is still safer. When your debit card is gone, there is high chance of data theft. After all, a debit card is directly connected to your saving account. It’s different with a credit card. With a phone call, you can prevent your card being used by others.

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How to Choose the Right Credit Cards for Travel

To choose the best credit card for overseas traveling for you, you need to understand the basic. What it means by basic here is the basic requirement of a credit card to be advantageous for foreign travel. Here some things you need to pay attention of what a credit card must have.

Available for International Use

First obvious step is to choose a credit card that can be used worldwide. What is the use of carrying a credit card when it can’t be used, right? The ones that are famously known for international use are MasterCard and Visa.

American Express card is widely accepted. However, there are lots of places outside US that do not use it. The card issued by Amex can still be used outside US. You can use it in places such as international travel providers and large hotel chains. Yet, if you want to use it at a local establishment such as local store, don’t expect them to accept it.

There is also Discover card who offers generous rewards. Sadly, this card is not widely accepted in international level. It is a popular use for domestic traveler though.

Chip-enabled Credit Card

The sad thing about US is that most of the credit cards offered have EMV technology. Meanwhile in Europe as well as other countries, chip-enabled cards are the standards. If you insist of applying one credit card which doesn’t have the chip, consider to apply for one which does.

There is a chance of your without-chip card will work overseas. However, you will probably also get a funny look from the people. When you are not lucky, worst case, your card won’t be accepted.

Best International Customer Service

One thing to consider seriously is the best credit cards for foreign exchange with the customer. There are always chances of unlucky situations where your card is lost. In order to your card being used by others, you need to call the customer service.

There are travel credit cards out there which emphasize heavily with their customer service. If this particular probable situation is what weights you down, you can consider this seriously. Our choice for excellent customer service is Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. It has service designed to be able to help you wherever you are worldwide.

Our Chosen Best Credit Cards for Foreign Travel

With the basic mentioned before, we have considered several credit cards as the best. Here are the best credit cards for foreign travel for your perfect travel companion. With the various offers they have, you can decide which one is the most suitable for you to use.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred

We totally recommend Chase Sapphire Preferred for those who are serious traveler. This card is also an excellent choice for those who are planning to go abroad. For the first year of this card’s application, it offers introductory annual fee for $0.

Chase Sapphire Preferred has adapted using chip-enabled to increase its acceptance worldwide. For the advantageous offer alongside this technology, this card has no foreign transaction fees. Certainly, this card is one of the best credit cards for no foreign transaction fee. These two facts alone make Chase Sapphire Preferred as a considerable choice for foreign travel.

Chase Sapphire Preferred also comes with a point-based travel rewards program. This program will help you to earn free-travel quickly. When you use this card for travel purchases and dining at restaurants worldwide, you will earn 2X points. You will earn 1 point for each dollar spent on other purchases.

The points you earn can be redeemed via 1:1 point transfer, which leads to airline and hotel loyalty programs. You also can choose to get 25% of more value when you redeem for travel purchases through Chase Ultimate Rewards. These travel purchases include hotels, car rentals, airfare, and cruises. This makes Chase Sapphire as considerable the best credit cards for flights.

As it has mentioned before, this card is backed with an excellent customer service. It even has an award-winning 24/7 customer service line that proves this point. This certainly comes in handy when you runs into problem regarding your credit card.

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BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Cards

This card is certainly one of the best credit cards for foreign transactions. It requires no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. As for reward points, for each $1 spent, you will earn 1.5 points. This applies for every purchase you made. Furthermore, the points you earn won’t expire.

As introductory perk, it offers a generous sign-up bonus. You are able to earn 20,000 points if you spend $1,000 within the first 90 days since your card application. These much points are worth for $200 as a statement credit in travel arrangements.