Best Credit Card for Travel in Europe

Best Credit Card For Travel In Europe
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International travel is a whole different thing from domestic travel. Obviously it is because international travel requires more money than domestic travel.

Thus why, if you want to save your money as much as possible, you need to consider some ways. Take an example case of when you often have a business trip to Europe. Then you need to consider getting the best credit card for travel in Europe.

Using Credit Card for Travel Payment

Preparing an international travel entirely using cash is no easy feat. But the million dollar question, is paying using credit card not expensive? The answer is it could be.

By the correct calculation of your spending over your international travel plan, using credit card can be easier. Furthermore, you can get everything done much more faster and simpler.

The advantage of using credit card for travel is not only the easy payment of the travel preparation. Credit card tailored for travel purpose also offers points and reward for your travel related purchases. If you often go for a travel, it makes more sense to get a travel credit card.

People who have considered this and plan to get one often ask what the best credit card for me is. The question is not specific so it is quite impossible to find the answer for that.

You must explain who me is in this question. Is me the person who likes to travel internationally often? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are in the correct page of internet.

Answering the question what is the best credit card for travel in Germany is quite easy. You only need to know the factors determining what the best credit card for foreign travel is.

The best credit card for foreign travel will have the qualities for international travel purchases. And of course it includes Europe continent.

In the following part we will list you the best credit card for travel internationally. We hope that the list will help you to get the suitable travel credit card. After all, not all people prefer the same card as each credit card offer different advantages.

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Capital One Venture Reward for Easy Travel Redemption

Capital One Venture Reward credit card doesn’t offer no annual fee. Despite that, it is one of our choices of the best travel credit card. We have chosen Capital One as this card has easy travel redemption. This card offers flexible rewards for travel purchases done.

It offers 2 miles point for each $1 spent. The miles point can be easily converted and used for 1 cent each against most travel expenses you need in your travel. This includes airfare booking through any travel site, hotel stays, cruises, and cab fares.

You can also make a booking directly through Capital One. As it is said before, there is annual fee you must pay for this travel credit card use. However, the annual fee is considerably the lowest one compared to others. Furthermore, it also offers generous amount of sign-up bonus.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred Card for Large Sign-up Bonus

The same as previous travel credit card Capital One, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card doesn’t offer no annual fee. The first year of your application of Chase Sapphire, you will be free of annual fee. The year following however, you will be charged for it.

As we have suggested, Chase Sapphire offers large sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus is pretty much one of the advantageous things this card offered.

The other one is the transfer options for the rewards. This card offers bonus for 50,000 points when you have spent $4,000 for purchases. The purchases must be made in the first 3 month since this card application.

When converted into dollar, the 50,000 bonus points are the total of $625. Chase Shapphire offers 2 point for each $1 spent on dining and travel. When it is spent on others than those two, the point is one rewarded for each dollar. However, if you book travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards, you points will be worth 25% more.

Points you are gotten can also be transferred at 1:1 rate to several loyalty programs. Some of the loyalty programs include United Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, and Southwest Airlines.

The plus point of this card is that it is made of metal, not plastic like others. So, surely, it will make more impression when you whip this card out to make a payment.

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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards for the Cash Back

One other credit card from Capital One. If the previous is chosen because it’s easy redemption in travel, this one is for its cash back. One more different thing than Capital One Venture Reward is that Quicksilver doesn’t have annual fee. So yes, you will not be charged a fee annually.

This card certainly becomes instant favorite for some travelers who like simplicity in rewards. No complicated redemption points, just a cash back. Furthermore, this card doesn’t put a minimum redemption point for cash back. Other thing offered by this card is an excellent 0% APR period. .

The advantage it offers doesn’t stop at the 0% APR period. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Reward comes with sign-up bonus. And it is a one-time cash bonus with $150 amount after you spend purchases in total of $500 within first 3 months.

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Bank of America Travel Reward for No Annual Fee

Although the previous card also offers no annual fee, Bank of America Travel Reward credit card has others generous offers. This card is a famous choice of a credit card among travelers. For points, you will get 1.5 points for each $1 spent on anything.

Unlike other cards which restricts redeem points given on certain purchases, this card has wider cover. You can redeem your points to cover various travel expenses. This doesn’t only include hotel stays and flights, but also amusement park tickets, aquarium, and even fortuneteller.

This card is not only the best credit card for travel in Europe. As it covers the definition of travel with its credit card offers, it is also the best credit card for travel in Canada. Many holders have used this card for international travel to various counties. And they have enjoyed the rewards given to them.

With the list of the best credit card for travel in Europe above, we hope you a good traveling experience. By choosing the suitable travel credit card, you will be able to enjoy the rewards given. Thus, the rewards can be used for another travel in the future.