Best Beaches in Zante, Great Tourist Attractions in Greece

best beaches in zante
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Zante, or so formally called as Zakynthos, is an island full of paradise of best beaches in Zante. When summer come, the island turns out to be a very luxurious destination with its numerous beaches while offering very clear blue turquoise water as well.

Zante Beach, Tourist Attractions in Greece

A vacation to Zante will always be exciting as it offers great facilities for visitors as well as very developed tourism destinations.

Indeed, you will never regret a decision to visit Zante. Even I would recommend you to visit Zante at least once in your life. For best experiences, then visit those beaches in Zante.

best beach in zante
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Porto Vromi

Literally hidden behind mountainous village, a thick of small cove of white sand, Porto Vromi offers an amazing journey as well as its amazing beauty at the beach. There are two ways to visit Porto Vromi.

First, you can take a boat trip from Navagio Beach that it only would take several minutes to arrive. Second, go through a memorable journey hiking through green hills down to reach the cove of Porto Vromi.

Even along the journey you can already find beauty and stunning view of its surrounding coastline ended up with horizon in the farthest view. Remember, there are no many vendors available at the beach so prepare to bring your own food and water stock prior departing.

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Dafni Beach

Being part of National Marine Park, Dafni Beach offers true natural beauty with its hidden beach. Quite long stretch of white beach combines with some rocky elements around its beach,w while facing crystal blue sea water, a view from Dafni Beach is very stunning.

At some times in year round, the beach will be closed for the sake of its natural sustainability including nearby islet which notably restricted to visit all time. To visit, you will have to walk through forest of the national park and when you arrive, you will realise why this beach is among the best.

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Tsilivi Beach

Lively ambience, full of visitors, great music played, partying place, that’s all about Tsilivi Beach. In the first place, Tsilivi Beach is a favourite beach destination for young people wherein they can have outstanding summer party at the beach.

The beach is long while lots of bars are available around the beach. Water sports are also offered and of course, most of them are very exciting sports to do. Indeed, a day enjoying Tsilivi Beach would make you never want to leave very soon.

When night comes, the beach area turns out to be lots of outdoor seaside restaurants. Drinking while enjoying music sound combines with sounds of wave is what you can expect.

When night turn out to be a bit late night, nightlife turn out to be at its best as lots of people dancing around the beach with great summer drinks. Grab some beers and find out your companion to get the best memorable summer night in Tsilivi Beach. In the end, partygoers must visit this beach while travelling to Zante beaches.

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Probably the best beach destination throughout Zante region, Navagio is a place you cannot miss. Flanked between big rocky hills, there lay a small stretch of white beach creating a very stunning view.

Moreover, its water is blue turquoise which could even add its beauty even more. Visiting Navagio Beach should make you prepare for a camera.

In particular, it’s because Navagion Beach is a really great place for taking photograph. Well, it’s a pity for you to miss taking capture of moments in Navagio. Even before arriving at the beach with boat, you can already see how beauty this beach is.

As a matter of the fact, enjoying Navagion Beach is not only at the beach itself. You also can enjoy the view of Navagion Beach from up high hill nearby. Just hike for couple of minutes and you will get its best view of wide array of blue turquoise sea with stunning big rocky hill formation.

Well, the best time to visit Navagio would be in summer months because basically you cannot visit Navagio in winter. But remember not to visit during a very peak season because Navagio could get really crowded and truly full of visitors. Indeed, this is among best beaches in Zante.

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If you want to have some little relaxing vacations that you can just walk slowly to enjoy the beach or running alongside its coastline, then head your destination to the Kalamaki Beach.

In fact, it’s because there is walkway alongside the beach that you can take a walk while consistent wave of wind hitting your hair consistently.

Well, keep in mind to not visiting the beach prior to sunrise or after sun goes down because it is restricted. Basically, Kalamaki is a protected nesting area for turtles leaving nearby. But even at daytime, you will be lucky to be able to visit because you have more chance to see lots of turtles getting around the beach.

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Keri Caves

Not literally a beach, but a cave. In the first place, this place is definitely worth visiting as it offers many highlights of beautiful caves with clear turquoise water. Even you can see what below the water as its water is very transparent.

To visit Keri Caves, you can only visit it with boat trip and when you arrive go explore the caves with kayak or by small boat. Swimming there would be an outstanding experience and of course, very refreshing one.

For best experience, go diving there to see lots of beautiful coral reefs while teeming with many wonderful fishes swimming with you. Keep in mind to bring your own food stocks because swimming or kayaking is a very tiring activity that sometime makes you hungry on the journey it given.

To summarize, Zante is truly a little piece of heaven God gave to Greece. In this island, lots of beautiful things exists particularly its Zante beaches destinations. So, go prepare your budget and book a flight to Zante as soon as possible next summer.