Best Beach in Wisconsin, The Great Family Attractions in Wisconsin

best beaches in Wisconsin
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If most people recognise that beach is only exists sided with sea, then they must come to Wisconsin to see something different. Wisconsin offers lots of beaches with freshwater located sided with both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior including best beaches in Wisconsin.

Best Beaches in Wisconsin Tourist Attractions

Indeed, swimming on a freshwater beach is very exciting as you do not need to taste salt water. Further, the water is also fresher than one on the beach therefore you can find yourself relaxing well.

With big numbers of freshwater beaches around Wisconsin region, Wisconsin would be a great option for summer vacation in U.S. In the end, those are best beaches to visit in Wisconsin.

best public beaches in wisconsin
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Kohler-Andrae State Park Beach

A majestic beach, with white sandy beach, calm lake water of Lake Michigan as view, is truly an amazing beach to visit. Enjoying a day in the beach will never a boring one as you can find your peaceful mind here.

A peaceful day in Kohler-Andrae State Park Beach will be with beautiful sound of bird voices around. As a matter of the fact, research told that there are more than 150 species of birds existed alongside this beach’s area.

Thus, never miss a chance to enjoy this beach while travelling to Wisconsin. While its strong and consistent wind hitting you consistently. Indeed, there is no more than better destination for peaceful ambience in Wisconsin rather than the one in this beach.

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Point Beach State Forest Beach

In the first place, Pont Beach State Forest Beach is a beach full of adventures. In fact, there are more than 5 hiking trails stretches around this beach. Further, bicyclers would be happy with the beach as well because there lots of biking trails available.

Indeed, an evening biking around this beach while there are wide array of Lake Michigan view on your side would be a nice experience. In morning, the beach will be filled by many people running and jogging to feel fresh breath coming from its fresh air. After all those things, take a stop at local culinary restaurants nearby.

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Vilas Beach

A beach quite near from downtown, only takes around 30 minutes from the Capitol, Vilas Beach offers among best recreations in the city of Wisconsin. Long walkway, biking trail and hiking trail is also offered around Vilas Beach.

If you love some sports, then come at evening to join some people who do sports such as volleyball, beach football and tennis. While sun goes down with its golden round form, playing sports at the beach to let out sweat, a day in Vilas Beach is perfect.

As a matter of the fact, there are two other attractions you can visit near the beach as well. First, it would be Henry Vilas Zoo where you can see various animals from all over the world as well as beauty and diversity of its plants.

Arboretum is also a good option as you can see some history of educational highlight about Wisconsin. There are some heritages that you must see there.

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Devil’s Lake State Park Beach

Well, a vacation to Devil’s Lake State Park Beach would lead you to both natural beauties. In particular, it would be between mountain and lake. At first, you can hike through wonderful hiking trail to go along a small mountain. At the top of its mountain, a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and its mountainous surrounding is very stunning.

At the end of the hiking trail, there lay a beautiful beach named Devil’s Lake State Park Beach. Here you can relax to feel its fresh air and windy environment. You can jump to water for swimming on its freshwater beach to get a better refreshing after your tired hike. Surely, you will forget the world already after this vacation. Indeed, this is among best beach in Wisconsin.

best beach in Wisconsin
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Egg Harbor Beach

A beach hidden behind big green cliffs, there lays a golden beach with hard-packed sand and is notably very friendly place for family vacation. Kids are going to be happy with many attractions and kid toys offered at the beach.

Adult can explore its water with kayak and paddle board. If you want to teach your kids about some adventures, then bring them kayaking with you to introduce them to our world.

Well, that’s not going to be dangerous because its water is low tide and you will be offered life fest. Or for a thrilling adventure with some great views, go explore hiking trails nearby that will connect you somewhere beautiful.

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Peninsula State Park

In the first place, Peninsula State Park is a place where lots of locals young people would hang-out every evening. They will start coming to the beach with either their bicycle, skateboard, or with their running clothes. Nearby walkway was a reason for them to love this beach.

Further, beauty of evening in Peninsula State Park as sun goes down with its golden round form is truly amazing to see. Well, although stunning sunset is likely to come out every day in this beach, visiting it every time will never make you bored. For best view, visit nearby lighthouse notably a historical one to see the whole view of its coastal surroundings.

If you love playing golf, then come to the amazing 18-hole golf course near the beach. It offers long stretch of grass field with some amazing views of mountainous region.

Come to the beach in summer and you have more chance to watch outdoor theatre shows on the beach area. Indeed, a vacation to Peninsula State Park will always be something good to remember. Moreover, all things nearby are quite affordable in term of prices.

As a conclusion, Wisconsin beaches with its freshwater characteristic are truly a great thing to make you fresh on vacation. Exploring them will never bring any bad to you as it offers natural beauty and calmness. Moreover, a vacation to this best beach in Wisconsin is fairly cheap and affordable in term of price.