6 Best Beaches in South Africa,Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit

best beach in South Africa
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South Africa has most unique coastal region alongside African continent including its best beaches in South Africa. As South Africa is among few countries in Africa that has snowing season, it’s also contains lots of unique and stunning geographical forms.

Best Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Therefore, whatever reason for you to visit South Africa, exploring its coastal particularly beaches in South Africa is something not to miss. Moreover, those beaches are fairly accessible to everyone travel there. Lastly, those are our recommendations for best beaches in South Africa.

beach in South Africa
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Hobie Beach

Probably the most windy beach in South Africa, Hobie Beach is a must visit one. With its stretch of golden beach, you can expect a very peaceful ambience at the beach as your hair will consistently wave as it gets hit by strong wind in Hobie Beach.

Around the beach area, you also will see lots of small sailboats ready to sail with everyone who wants to. Other attractions are also offered such as parasailing and paragliding. In fact, the beach is as famous as it’s a favourite place for movie shooting place especially for summer vacation scene.

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Best Tourist Attractions in South Africa
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Umhlanga Rocks

A beach notably a combination between beautiful nature and history, that’s what Umhlanga Rocks offer to you. This beach is quite close from nearby town Durban. You can visit it with either public transportation or rented car that only takes around 20 up to 30 minutes drives.

At the beach, there lays quite long stretch of golden beach with some big rocks as wave breaker while there is a historical tower standing bravely facing the sea. When you think that it’s a normal experience to enjoy yourself over its sand, take yourself to the top of its tower to see whole view of the surrounding coastal area. Indeed, you will find a very stunning view.

In fact, its tall tower is actually the end of a walkway stretches along the beach area. Alongside its walkway, lots of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops await every passing costumer to take a stop at their place. Enjoy yourself in one of its beach-facing restaurants and feel the fine dining ambience.

Tourist Attractions in South Africa
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North Beach

Right side by side with downtown of Durban City, there lays a beautiful beach named North Beach. Well, I would say that North Beach is actually a never sleep beach as you can visit the beach all day round.

In a daytime, the beach is a lively place with lots of water attractions are offered while on the other hand many people with bikinis sun-bathing beneath clear sand or rented beach tent with sun beds. But when sun goes down and moon arise, the beach turns out to be even more colourful beach with a view of colourful city with its lights. Lots of people are gathering around, skating, drinking in bars while its nightlife is also amazing.

North Beach deserves to be regarded as the King of Summer Vacation in Durban as sometimes there are festivals being held at the beach. Stay in nearby hotels and enjoy several days vacations full of lively experiences.

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South Africa Tourist Attractions
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Camps Bay

In the first place, Camps Bay probably a beach with the most breath-taking view in the whole India coastline. It’s not a wonder tough. In particular, it’s because Camps Bay offers a long stretch of white beach while behind its sand there are lots of towering green hills unite as mountainous geographical form.

Right below the foot of its hills, a vintage city lies since hundreds of years ago. When the first time you see it, I bet that you will hold your breath long enough realising how beauty Camps Bay is.

Of course, staying for few days is recommended as there is a beach town nearby. As a matter of the fact, I can bet you can enjoy your vacation there as there are lots of bars and restaurants as well as tourism facilities. Such occasion make Camps Bay a very welcoming place for any tourist to visit them.

South Africa Beaches
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Santos Beach

If some previous beaches are mostly popular beach, then Santos Beach is a good alternative if you prefer to visit a beach with lesser visitors. It is charming beaches that can slowly take you drown to your own mind and thought.

With quiet ambience and less visitor, it’s very easy to find a space and sit down over its sand and to think about everything about life. In fact, there is no many vendors available as well as less hotels as well. Therefore, Santos Beach is more than a good destination for a quiet lover.

After relaxing at the beach, take yourself swimming on its water without any worry as the water is a low tide one. Avoid visiting the beach in school holiday in South Africa because there will be lots of families visiting. Indeed, this is among best beaches in South Africa.

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best beaches in south africa
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Nahoon Beach

The beach is quite usual beach like any other beaches. But there is one factor allowing the beach to be among the best in my recommendation.

In particular, it’s a bridge that cutting through the middle of hill which you need to walk through to arrive at the beach. This wooden beach offers no danger instead it offers beauty as you can see the whole view of its coastal while it was surrounded by lots of green plantations.

Apart from those things above, Nahoon Beach is a good place for surfing. It has big and consistent wave which notably a good condition for surfing. Its water is warm while it’s also low tide as well. So, you do not have to worry if you just learn how to surf at the beach.

To summarize, South African coastal region is truly interesting with its beautiful beaches on the list. Those beaches are not only beautiful, but also developed while also offering unique character on its own. Indeed, a trip to South Africa tourist attractions would not be complete without visiting at least one of them.