Top 6 Best Beaches in Sardinia | Best Tourist Attractions in Sardinia

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Right in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, there lays an island full of paradise especially best beaches in Sardinia. In fact, the beach contains one of the longest coastal lines in the world notably reach around 2000 km long.

Best Tourist Attractions in Sardinia

Most of the beaches are white sand beach with clear blue turquoise water just like you see in Caribbean Sea. Moreover, they also home of many famous Mediterranean restaurants in Italy.

Therefore, visiting them and exploring its beaches are just a more than a nice thing to do. To help you exploring Sardinia beaches, those are our recommendations.

Best Tourist Attractions in Sardinia
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Cala dei Gabbiani

You do not need to go directly to Caribbean Sea to find a beach like this, Cala dei Gabbiani is enough to make you satisfy with its stunning view. In the first place, Cala dei Gabbiani is a beautiful white beach with turquoise water and even better than most of the beaches in Caribbean Sea.

Even its clear water enables one to be able to see ground level of its water. The view from the beach is also breath-taking as it’s surrounded by many high cliffs sided directly with the sea.

In fact, Cala dei Gabbiani has shallow water as well. Therefore, swimming is good either for adult or kids. If you go on family vacation, you just need to watch your kids to not go far away to the sea.

Its soft sand is also good so that you can easily lie down to enjoy its beach beneath the sun. Indeed, Cala dei Gabbiani should be regarded among best beaches in the world.

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Tourist Attractions in Sardinia
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Mugoni Beach

If you want to visit a town beach, then come to the Mugoni Beach. It’s a small tourist town with lots of bars and restaurants providing local culinary of Sardinia.

Hotels options are also available a lot you just need to choose which kind of hotel you want to stay at. Or if you prefer for a more nature one, you can build a camp on a camping area near the beach.

From its main downtown to the beach only takes several minutes away. You will need to go through a small pine forest in order to visit the beach.

This occasion of pine forest is the one making its beach beautiful. The white sand is soft while its water is blue crystal one. Go on one night camping in Mugoni is truly good experience. Indeed, this is among best beaches in Sardinia.

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Spiaggia Capriccioli

To find a beach with clear turquoise water and beautiful white sand is very easy thing to do in this island. But Spiaggia Capriccioli is a must visit one for a reason.

In particular, it’s all about beauty of marine life and underwater living organism. Swimming on its beach even could make you see various colourful fish swimming within. But for a better experience, go snorkelling to water area nearby to find better view of marine life.

The beach itself is a beautiful one with white beach and clear shallow water. I would recommend this place to be good for family trip. Not a lot of vendors available around the beach, so you need to bring your own food stock for your lunch.

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Cala Biriola

Head your direction to Eastern coastline of the Island, there lays a beautiful beach named Cala Biriola. Hidden behind a towering cliff, Cala Biriola Beach is a peaceful one with its shallow water. Well, it’s fair to say that the beach is good if you want to find a less crowded place rather than any other main beaches in the island.

The beach itself is wonderful but its marine life is also interesting to explore. In fact, there is a popular spot for scuba diving nearby. Just take a boat trip to reach destination for scuba diving then go dive there. If you do not have a license, you can get one by registering in nearby diving vendors.

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Nora Beach

Nora is all about combination between beauty of nature and archaeological site from ancient era. Near the beach, there are several ancient ruins that you can explore its history.

To get a better understanding, join a free walking tour available. Further, a tower named Torre del Coltellazzo is also a historical one. In particular, it was already standing there since more than 400 years ago.

Apart from history, the beach itself is a calm and quiet one offering good place for relaxing. Enjoying yourself taking a seat at the beach while sun bathing or reading some books are good.

While on the other hand fishing is also good thing to do to get your lunch. Swimming is good as you can swim freely without any other visitors joining. This beach is a truly perfect one for family visit.

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Spiaggia della Pelosa

For a lively vibe, then come to a beach named Spiaggia della Pelosa. In the first place, this beach is among main beaches in the island so that it’s always full of visitors especially in summer. But because its beach is very long stretch of white sand, you can still find lots of spaces easily for yourself even if during summer.

At the beach, there are lots of options for water attractions. The best thing would be to take a boat trip from the beach to explore surrounding area especially to visit a national park named Isola dell’Asinara to see albino monkey.

Windsurfing is also popular thing to do at the beach. If you do not like water attractions, enjoy yourself at the beach with some local Mediterranean street foods on your hands. Sun bathing is good because sand would not be that hot. But it’s that hot.

To summarize, those beaches are truly good as they offer very good character of best beaches in Sardinia such as soft white sand and turquoise water. Further, marine life is also an interesting one to see here in the island. With lots of vendors available, you can easily explore the island as a whole.