Best Beach Vacation Spots For Unforgetable Travel Moment

Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World 2017
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Spending summer on beach vacation is always an exciting experience. Beaches, white sands, windswept, blue sea are things really enjoyable around beaches. Furthermore, beaches vacation also offer you a lot of tourist water activities. Of course, the activities are really fun. Some of the best beach vacation spots make our travelling moment become unforgettable.

Best Beach Vacation Spots in the World 2017

Not all people want the same kind of beach. Some travellers want to get a long white sand beach, some travellers would prefer to find a beach with big wave to surf, and some other travellers want a beach with calm water. So, taking into consideration to choose beaches with general specification, here we list the best beach vacation spots.

best beach vacation spot Southeast US
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Sanibel and Captiva Islands

Florida, a state in southern United States, has a lot of beautiful coastline on its edge. One of the best beach vacation spot Southeast US is the Sanibel & Captive Islands. In fact, the areas of the islands are naturally excellent.

The beach lines of Sanibel & Captive Islands are really clean from the white sand up to its water. Furthermore, you will not see many road distractions such as traffic lights, amusement park, and highway billboard. In fact, there are only small numbers of cars going around the islands.

Moreover, the sunset view of the Sanibel & Captive Islands is among the best in the world. No wonder that a lot of people from all over the world spend holiday in those islands every year.

Other than natural attractions, you can also shop great souvenirs around the island. In fact, the shop and restaurants are very beautiful in architecture.

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best beach vacation spots South Carolina
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Hilton Head

South Carolina, a historic city in United States, actually offers a lot of beautiful beach vacations. One of the best beach vacation spots South Carolina is Hilton Head. Furthermore, Hilton Head has a very long beach lines that reach to 12 miles long. In fact, Hilton Head is a very calm and peaceful beach area. Of course, spending vacation with family or on a solo trip would be best choice to go to Hilton Head.

Furthermore, some of Hilton Head activities are very amazing and offer its own experience. The best recommendation would be biking around its biking trails. In fact, there are a lot of choices of biking trails that you can choose around Hilton Head. Next, the golf fields around Hilton Head are also some of the best in the world. Make sure you do not miss any tourist activities when you visit Hilton Head.

best beach vacation spots Spain
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Es Pujols in Formentera

If you are a kind of traveller who want to relax in a beach with calm water, then you need to head to Es Pujols in Spain. Es Pujols, a beach in Formentera Island, has a very nice beach with white and clear sand, and of course calm blue water. It has to be said that Es Pujols is best beach vacation spots Spain. In fact, Es Pujols is a nice place to travel with your children.

Other than enjoying a calm day in Es Pujols, kayaking and diving are the most popular tourist attractions in Es Pujols. Well, the good thing is that the price is very affordable. To find a good place to stay, Es Pujols also contains a lot of low beautiful low key resorts around its beach lines.

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best beach vacation spots
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Los Roques

In fact, South America is the best home of summer vacation in the world. It contains a lot of great cultures, and of course long tropical beach vacations. For beach lovers, South America should be on their top destination list. In South America, the best beach vacations spots South America is Los Roques. It’s archipelago landscape and chain of islands make Los Roques one of the best destinations in the world.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Los Roques is seeing its beautiful corals. Yes, the corals around Los Roques are sustained very well to keep it natural. Thus, Los Roques is also the best diving and snorkelling destination in the world and South America. It’s among best beach vacation spots in the world.

best family beach vacation spots US
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Seven Mile Beach

According to its name ‘Seven Mile Beach’, it really has beach with 7 mile long. The long beach has very outstanding view of its blue sea. Of course, you will never see a beach with very blue water except in Seven Mile Beach. Furthermore, Seven Mile Beach is also home of best beach restaurant in the world. In fact, you can choose e lot of sea sided restaurants around Seven Mile Beach.

Around the beach, you can get on with small people. In every evening usually you just can stumble to them and play volleyball with them. In fact, it is best family beach vacation spots US.

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The best beach vacation spots
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Horseshoe Bay

Bermuda Island, a state in Atlantic island, is one of the most exotic places for summer vacation. Its beaches are well known as very stunning. One of its best beaches is Horseshoe Bay. If you love find hidden beach, then you would absolutely love Horseshoe Bay. In fact, its hidden beach offers a very stunning view. Its perfect calm water and beautiful rock formation will make you feel really comfortable.

In fact, Horseshoe Bay is really fit for family vacation. It’s because Horseshoe Bay beaches are very peaceful and enjoyable.

Well, the world is actually contains a lot of natural beauty that God created for us. But not every tourist destinations are enjoyable. Some are beautiful but not really comfortable for tourism because of its safety for example. Some are comfortable and safe but the view is not really good. So, the list we listed for you is among the best beach on many criteria.

Of course, visiting one by one best beach vacation spots is really hard to afford. But you actually could visit the area that contains best beach in the world. Of course, its area does not only offer beach destination, but also other outstanding tourist destinations.