Best Beach Resorts in USA

best beach resorts in USA
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Beach is never too old of a place for a vacation trip. Who doesn’t like to be accompanied by calming sound of the sea while laying out tanning under the sun? By staying in the best beach resorts in USA, you can experience a great beach vacation.

Surely, by now travelers have known that lodging is an essential part of traveling. With the wrong place to stay, a vacation can be ruined. When you could have a fantastic experience, crappy lodging service and facilities ruin them all.

Keep in mind that hotel and resort is different. We advise you to choose staying in a resort if your main purpose of vacation is recreation for quite long time. It’s because a resort will provide you more complete and satisfying amenities than a hotel.

In a resort, you will be able to find relaxation, sport, and even adventurous amenities. Don’t forget that if the resort is a beach resort, you will be treated with beautiful beach view. After all, what is a beach resort best for if it doesn’t serve beautiful view of the ocean?

Here, we have listed the best beach resorts in USA. Consider the following places if you plan a beach vacation and aim for marvelous experience. Resort with absolute gorgeous beachfront, great amenities, and a beach are the formula for perfect beach vacation.

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the best luxury beach resorts in USA
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Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows

After considering many beach resorts, Mauna Lani Bay comes in the first place. With the combination of Hawaii and great amenities, it’s no wonder so many travelers are satisfied. Mauna Lani Bay is on the third best luxury hotel in Puako, Hawaii. This place as one of the best luxury beach resorts in USA is on the level of 4.5 starts hotel.

What Travelers Find Most Satisfying

Between all the amenities, most of travelers are satisfied the most with Canoe House. It’s a restaurant that offers delicious choices of menu and beautiful view of sunset and sunup. Between these travelers, there are many among them who visited for anniversary. The romantic nuance draw couples to dine in.

best beach resorts in US for family
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They were very satisfied with their experience of eating in Canoe House. Many were considered that their experience of witnessing sunset and sunup from Canoe House is an everlasting memory.

Thanks for the satisfaction Mauna Lani Bay is considered as one of the best beach resorts in USA for couples. Other various amenities also support Mauna Lani Bay to be one of the best beach resorts in USA for honeymoon.

It’s extremely relaxing to watch fish ponds in the property. You will be able to find several sea turtles too. There is free bike to borrow to explore the resort area. Golf course, tennis court, heated and outdoor pools, and spa are all there to choose.

If Hawaii is you’re interested to stay in Mauna Lani Bay, know the price range. You can book a room with price range between $336 and $551. The rooms are many since the resort is huge. There are 341 rooms available with three room types.

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best beach resorts in USA for families
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The Biltmore in Santa Barbara

California seems like a good place to be if you want to relax in a trip but don’t want it to be too quiet. The Biltmore Resort is the place to be. This place offers you the peace when you want. The close location to eatery and everything is also just great.

What Travelers Find Most Satisfying

Many travelers who stay with family were extremely satisfied with the beach club. This club is kept children entertained for hours. With babysitting and children activities amenities, this place is certainly one of the best beach resorts in USA for families.

best beach resorts in USA for couples
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Couples travelers are especially thrilled with the beauty of butterfly beach. After done enjoying the beach, they turn to Coral Casino Beach Club. Pools, view of the ocean, and food are served here. With these amenities alone, The Biltmore is considered as one of the best beach resorts in USA for families.

Luxury amenities are served. With them the price range to stay here is high. For a room, you can get with the price range between $529 and $1,517. After all, The Biltmore is a beach resort with the level of 5 stars hotel. However, you can enjoy special offer. You can get a free night for the third stay.

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best luxury beach resorts in USA
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JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

Who haven’t even heard JW Marriot? This brand of lodging has expanded their wings worldwide. The service and property it has is no longer questionable. The one that is in on our list is on Marco Island

What Travelers Find Most Satisfying

Despite being only a 4 stars hotel, JW Marriott Marco is one of the best luxury hotels in Marco Island. The property is practically right on the beach. Travelers find Tiki Pool and Tiki Bar great place to hang around especially the latter. The coffee shop receives many applause for serving delicious menu and friendly service.

best beach resorts in USA for honeymoon
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Staying here is proven to be great to family. Even one of the travelers’ child confess that her child want to live there. JW Marriott Marco surely is one of the best beach resorts in US for families. If interested, this place has a price range between $290 and $824. There is $25 resort credit offer if you want to say more bucks. Make sure you book it before the offer’s period ends.

Choosing Where Beach to Spend Your Holiday

Many beaches offer outstanding view for travelers. Despite that, each one is different from another. you need to consider this things for beach vacation. You need to pay attention to the surrounding of the beach.

It’s because it’s very unlikely that you will be satisfied just from tanning under the sun. Surely, there are more others attractions and activities to enjoy and try.

For example if you enjoy blending in nightlife, you need to choose one close to clubs. If city sightseeing is your thing, choose a city which has rich history and any kind of attractions.

After choosing the beach, you need to choose a place to stay. Staying in one of the best beach resorts in USA guarantees you for a great experience. However, keep in mind that budget is important.