7 Best Beach in Nassau, The Great Tourist Attractions in Bahamas

Tourist Attractions in Nassau
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Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas, offers many wonderful beaches that surround its beautiful island. Vacation to Nassau is all about best beach in Nassau.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Nassau

Therefore, you need to know what is good to visit while on vacation in Nassau. Indeed, those beaches offer very nice view. Those are them.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Nassau
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Montagu Beach

Going to Eastern part of Nassau downtown, Montagu Beach vacation awaits you to enjoy them. Montagu Beach is a high quality one.

Indeed, the vacation its offered is among the most luxurious in the island as the beach is surrounded by many luxury resorts. Visiting those resorts would not even make you regret because of its expensive price.

Otherwise, all penny spent would be worth as they offer awesome and unforgettable vacation for the whole of your life.

Views are very stunning. Of course, enjoying clear blue sea view frnom its white sand and under the sun is the best experience ever.

Moreover, water sport activities around Montau Beach are also stunning. Around Montahu Beach, you can do activities such as fishing in the middle of its sea, dolphin watching tour, parasailing and surfing. Lastly, enjoy its beach tour to spot some hidden beautiful spots around.

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best beach in Nassau
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Caves Beach

A true nature beach, Cave Beach has long popular as challenging tourism destination in Nassau. Visiting the beach leaves you many options on how to enjoy their beauty. First, exploring its beach cave is just something you cannot miss.

But remember, you need to go with professional tours in order to explore the cave safely otherwise you won’t be allowed to do so. In fact, these caves were the shelter for early Indians inhabitant in the island.

Well, the sandy beach might quite narrow. But of course, the view is very wonderful and you can just sit on its beach while relaxing and enjoy its wonderfulness.

For best experience, you can either to make some fires and grill raw seafood that you can get in the market near the beach. Whatever things you do at the beach, Caves Beach is always be number one.

Nassau Beach Attractions
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Jaws Beach

Do not get deterred by its name ‘jaws’ just like a scary shark movie. In fact, even there is no shark at this beach. Instead, Jaws Beach got its name because it was the shooting place for final scene of Jaws movie.

Unlike all scary things you might thought, Jaws Beach offers very wonderful vacation to any visiting patrons. We would like to recommend this beach as among top beaches in the island. The sands are white, the water is blue crystal as well having very wide sand within its water.

Therefore, the beach is a really good place for swimming activities. Furthermore, Jaws Beach is also a home of many beautiful and colourful fish including dolphin.

So, prepare your binocular to see dolphin playing on the surface of the sea in distance. For places for staying, there are a lot of beautiful and vintage resorts around the beach area.

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Beach Attractions in Nassau
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Cabbage Beach

Have you ever visited a beach that connected directly with very wide sandy water and beach? If you do, it must be a very amazing experience.

In this island, the best beach of its kind is beaches around the Cabbage Beach. Indeed, the beach has beaches with very stunning white sand accompanied by red cliff on its side.

When you visit the beach, make sure that you do snorkelling activity because it is notably the most popular one here and is also the main reason to visit the Cabbage Beach.

At the end of the day, snorkelling in Cabbage Beach will be one of your best experiences in the island because its underwater view is just too wonderful to enjoy.

Beach Attraction in Nassau
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Gold Rock Beach

Gold Rock Beach is a different one from any other beaches previously said. In the first place, Gold Rock Beach is a beach full of rocky sands that formed the beach line.

Near the beach, there is also standing a big rock island that the view is very beautiful to enjoy. As Gold Rock Beach offers very relaxing ambience because only less visitors come, you can have your private vacation relaxing at the beach while forgetting the business of the world.

A day relaxing in Gold Rock Beach would truly make you forget everything about business of the world. It’s because the surrounding environment truly support peacefulness you get to have.

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Nassau Tourist Attractions
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Pink Sand Beach

As a matter of the fact, only few numbers of beaches in the world that has pink sand on its beach. In Nassau, Pink Sand Beach is such a destination. Not every time, but if you are lucky you will be able to find out that the sand of Pink Sand Beach is on pink colour.

Therefore, it’s not a wonder why people love to call the beach as a beautiful one. Based on research, they believe that the pink colour comes from broken corals into small pieces that have red colour.

On the other hand, local also believes that the beach might have some supernatural power. Visit this one of few only pink beaches in the world for an unforgettable journey in Nassau. Indeed, this is one of the best best beach in Nassau.

Nassau Beach Attraction
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Treasure Cay Beach

A huge, long beach, Treasuere Cay Beach is a true beach vacation in Nassau Island. The wonderful beach has very wide beach line which notably surrounded by most green environment.

Of course, such occasion is the one that enables the beach to be even more beautiful and peaceful. Further, Treasure Cay offers great wave for surfing if you love to do so.

Of course, you need to prepare complete surfing equipment for your safety because the wave is quite challenging.

As a conclusion, those beaches are very good to visit as they are not only beautiful, but also well-managed. You can find many kinds of beaches that you want. But keep in mind that those best beach in Nassau are the best.