5 Best Beach in Mississippi, Have to Visit While Come to Mississippi

best beach in Mississippi
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Mississippi, a city in the Gulf Coast, is popular of its beach vacation and is known for having the best beaches options among any other cities in Gulf Coast.

A vacation to best beach in Mississippi will always be easy because beach access is very easy. Yes, there are several beaches that obliged you to hike through a hiking trail to arrive.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Mississippi

But of course, any hiking efforts will always worth because of the beauty it offers. For your guideline of visiting beaches in Mississippi, those are the best beaches you must visit while travelling to Mississippi.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Mississippi
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Pass Christian Beach

Away from downtown of Mississippi City, there lays a beautiful beach right at the side of Gulf Coast. The beach is very beautiful and is offering stunning view of its long stretch of white sandy beach with its green emerald water.

Most importantly, if you are the one who loves a lively place to spend a vacation at, then this beach is the right option. Around its water, there are lots of water attractions that you can choose. While on the other hand, the beach itself full of people dancing with summer drinks in hand.

As a matter of the fact, the beach has been popular since Coastal Running Fest was held in 2015. Since the day, the Pass Christian Beach started to get full of visitors. Moreover, there often being held festivals especially if you come during summer. Indeed, any experience to Pass Christian Beach will always be a wonderful one.

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Tourist Attractions in Mississippi
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Lake Mars

Well, Lake Mars is a bit different beach. If in any other beaches you can visit them with transportation, then you must visit Lake Mars through its hiking trail.

It might be taken some efforts to arrive at the beach, but of course it’s definitely worth thing to do. When you first arrive, you will soon realise why. The beach might be a small one. When the sunset comes, it’s even changed to a best one among any other beaches in the island.

In fact, Lake Mars is a place to have a camping as well. Indeed, as the beach sand is quite hard, and then you can build a camp there safely without being afraid of the water would rise in the middle of the night.

Further, fishing fish or crab is a thing to do as well. You just need to bring fishing equipment that you could rent in vendors nearby. At the end of the day, a camping experience in Lake Mars will be a wonderful one.

Best Tourist Attractions in Mississippi
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Biloxi Beach

In Biloxi Beach, there lays a long stretch of white sand beach to enjoy you at. In fact, the Biloxi Beach is among the widest beaches in Mississippi City.

There they offer a fun vacation to any visitor with its lively ambience while lots of people also could do lots of water activities. The beach is good to visit during summer particularly from June to October. In particular, it’s because there sometimes being held some colourful festivals for everyone to enjoy.

If it’s not on a festival time, the Biloxi Beach is good for family vacation. Its calm and short deep water created a safety environment for kids to play and express themselves at the beach.

Do picnic and bring your own food for the sake of family happiness. Well, I would recommend you to stay until sunset time because its golden sunset is more than a beautiful one to describe.

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Beach in Mississippi
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Gulfport Beach

Although Gulfport Beach is a man-made one, but it offers a very great vacation which makes it slightly better than some natural beaches in Mississippi.

In Gulfport Beach, you can enjoy the vacation with its calm water which notably a great place for swimming. But of course, there are several water activities offered as well. Among the best options you must try are parasailing or rent a jet-ski to explore the water are of Gulfport Beach.

In fact, there is a reason why this beach was built. And for most reason, its beautiful sky is the main one. You will realise it when you stay at the beach until evening when the sky turns out to orange colour and a beautiful view of golden sunset arouse.

Indeed, this view is very stunning and is something not to miss and not to forget. I would regard that it’s a pity not to enjoy the beach when on vacation to Mississippi City. Indeed, this is among best beach in Mississippi.

Mississippi Tourist Attractions
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Horn Island

Quite distance from the city centre, Horn Island offers a true summer vacation. To visit the island, you can take a boat from Mississippi City and it would take for around an hour to arrive in the island.

Well, here I would bet that you cannot deny its hidden beauty in the middle of Gulf Coast Water. With its long stretches of white sandy beach with blue turquoise water, a view from the beach is breath-taking.

In the first place, visiting Horn Island for only a short visit would not be enough. Instead, I would recommend you to build a camp in the island to stay for at least one night to fully enjoy its beauty.

But keep in mind to prepare and bring your own food. Other than that, you can also fish and catch some fish for a more memorable experience. You do not have to worry about boat transportation because you just need to rent a boat to wait for you.

In conclusion, Mississippi is truly worth to visit with those beaches on the list. In fact, there are dozens of beaches available around the region.

But of course, those beaches are just more than wonderful ones to describe. Therefore, it would be a useless vacation if you do not travel to this list of best beach in Mississippi. When travelling, keep in mind to visit them one by one in order to get to know each ambience it offers.