Best Beach in Lombok, Great Tourist Attractions in Indonesia to Visit

Beach Tourist Attractions in Lombok
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Lombok, a paradise island in the Eastern part of Indonesia, has been long popular of its beautiful archipelago.

Around this tropical island, lot numbers of best beach in Lombok await any visitor to enjoy their beauty and of course, fun and happiness.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Lombok

Lombok is truly amazing with many beaches available but they have their own characteristic each beach.

It’s starting from beach for partying, for surfing, even a very peaceful beach for relaxing from crowd of the city. Therefore, those are best beaches in Lombok that you must visit.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia
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Gili Trawangan Beach

Probably the most fun beach in Lombok, Gili Trawangan Beach is just something you cannot miss. Well, Gili Trawangan Beach is really beautiful.

But what differentiate it with any other beaches in Lombok is its fun environment that truly reflected what summer paradise is. Around there beach, lots of bars and cafes as well as beach parties await you to spend your holiday with.

In some occasions there are also sometimes party events held. Therefore, you cannot miss to visit Gili Trawangan Beach while travelling to Lombok.

On the other hand, Gili Trawangan is also actually a nice place to spend your holiday in general. In particular, there will be no car allowed around the island.

Therefore, any visitors should either walk or ride bicycle in order to explore the island. Of course, such occasion is even make Gili Trawangan a more peaceful and wonderful place.

To visit the island, ride a public transportation from Mataram City to Rembiga and then go again to Pamenang. From Pamenang, you can use boat to arrive in Gili Trawangan.

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Pink Beach

Pink Beach is a unique one. Previously, visitors know this beach as Tangsi Beach. But as time goes by, the name of the beach has changed to Pink Beach.

In particular, it is because its geographical condition which enables the beach sand looks like a pink one. Based on research, this happens because of red coloured coral bits. But some other researchers stated that the circumstances happened because of small microscopic animals named foraminifera.

In the first place, pink beach is a peaceful one as well as a beautiful one. You can do either sun bathing, swimming on its normal wave or even snorkelling because the surrounding corals are still very wonderful to enjoy.

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Kuta Beach Lombok

If you know that Kuta Beach is actually located in Bali, then Lombok also has its own Kuta Beach. Unlike Kuta Beach in Bali which notably very fun, beach party, and full of bars.

Kuta Beach in Lombok is a very peaceful one and is an excellent choice to enjoy sunset view from its beach. Visit this beach if you love to find hidden beach as well as more peaceful vacation environment.

The place might quite far from downtown, located in Kuta Village, but once you get there you cannot deny the happiness it brings.

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Batu Payung Beach

Batu Payung Beach is a different one from any other beaches previously said. In the first place, Batu Payung is a beach full of rocks that formed wonderful rock formations.

In the middle of the beach, there is also standing a big rock island that the view is very beautiful to enjoy. You must love this beach if you are a traveller who wants to find a peaceful place to relax.

A day relaxing in Batu Payung Beach would truly make you forget everything about business of the world. It’s because the surrounding environment truly support peacefulness you get to have.

To arrive in this beach, you must do some little efforts. First, you visit Tanjung Aan Beach. From there, go with a boat to Batu Payung Beach.

If you want to choose land transportation, you can go directly to Dusun Padau Beach then you can walk around 1km to arrive in the Batu Payung Beach. When you arrive in Batu Payung for the first time, I can guarantee your enjoyment.

Tourist Attractions in Lombok
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Belanak Beach

For surf lover, Belanak Beach should be an excellent destination. Aside from its beautiful occasion and its very soft white sand, Belanak Beach offers a quite big wave which is really good for surfing.

Fairly to say, Belanak Beach is a great place to learn surfing because the area is not too crowded but having good wave for learning. There are some courses available around the beach or you can just rent the surf board and learn by yourself.

As the beach is still quiet, the surrounding environment is not too commercial. Therefore, you can buy fresh seafood from locals so that you can grill them yourself in the beach.

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Selong Belanak

A huge, long beach, Selong Belanak Beach is a true beach vacation in Lombok. This wonderful beach has very long beach line which notably surrounded by mountainous geography around them.

Further, Selong Belanak has great wave for surfing if you love to do so. You do not need to bring a surf board, instead you can just rent it in the surrounding surfing shops.

Other than that, just enjoy yourself in the beach. You can do sun bathing and relax on its beautiful sand with wonderful heaven summer paradise. Indeed, this is among best beach in Lombok.

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Tanjung Aan

Probably the most beautiful beach in Lombok, surely Tanjung Aan would give you a very amazing vacation in Lombok. White sandy beach, clear blue water array in front of your eyesight, peaceful environment, green hills surrounding, that’s all about Tanjung Aan Beach.

Tanjung Aan is actually separated into two bays. In the first one, you could do swimming and any other water activities. On the other one, you can do peaceful sitting while watching the beauty that Tanjung Aan offers. Indeed, any vacations to Tanjung Aan would be very memorable.

At the end of the day, even visiting one of best beach in Lombok is enough to make you understand the beauty Lombok given. Lombok is always an island of paradise. Especially when visiting beaches, you will always find beauty.