Best Beach in Kauai, Great Hawaiian Tourist Attractions (Check no 5)

best beach in Hawaii
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Kauai, an island notably part of the Hawaiian archipelago, has been among the most popular island to visit in Hawaii. In the first place, as an island, Kauai offers very good beach vacation with many options including its best beach in Kauai.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Kauai

Even if there are many other kind of tourist attractions to visit in Hawaii such as its mountain and waterfall, beaches are just places you cannot miss. Therefore, those are best beaches you must visit in Kauai Island.

best beach in kauai
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Tunnels Beach

A stunning view is not even enough to describe the beauty of Tunnels Beach. Its golden beach stretches right beside its clear turquoise water while there are big green hills standing around them are just more than beautiful one to see.

The deep of its water is quite short therefore it would be a good place for swimming without worrying to stay close to the beach. The environment that surrounds the Tunnel Beach is also very green which enables its ambience to be a very peaceful one. So it’s not a wonder why the Tunnels Beach has been very popular since very long time ago in Hawaii.

In fact, Tunnels Beach is not only about its beach beauty. Instead, Tunnels Beach also offers a very amazing marine life and underwater beauty. Hence, it’s a very nice place for either the activity of diving or snorkelling.

For best experience to enjoy its marine life, you should come during summer because the water is a bit calmer. It takes only several minutes away with boat to reach the deep-water cavern which notably a great place for diving. At the end of the day, you will never regret any decision to visit Tunnels Beach while travelling in Hawaii.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in Kauai
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Kiahuna Beach

It’s whether you stay near the South shore area of the island or not, visiting Kiahuna Beach is a must. In the first place, Kiahuna Beach is among the most popular and is the main beach destination in Kauai.

Indeed, the windy golden beach is just a nice place to enjoy yourself with your own thought. But either you travel alone or with some friends, the beach is always a fun place. A long beautiful stretches of beach is truly beautiful to enjoy for anyone.

Other than its beauty, in the light of its windy beach and challenging wave, the beach is a good destination for swimmer as well as the surfer. Well, if you want to find a place to learn to surf, then this is a place.

It’s because the wave is quite good for surfing without creating any potential danger to any surfer. Most importantly, there are also many surfing vendors available near the beach. If you come during summer and the water is calm, then you are recommended to try snorkelling.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Hawaii
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Mahaulepu Beach

If you are the one who loves peacefulness and looking for a place to be alone only with your own thoughts, then you must visit the Mahaulepu Beach. Hidden behind the forest of cliffs, Mahaulepu offers a very stunning place to enjoy.

Although the place does not offer very much white sandy beach, but enjoying yourself while either sun bathing or swimming on its water is a good choice. Thus, even if its location is a bit remote, but visiting its beach is truly worth.

Indeed, there are too many options for tourism activity at the beach. If you want to enjoy the beach, you can do windsurfer or snorkelling when the weather condition is good.

But if you want to see an even more stunning view, try hiking on its geological and cultural that can only take several hours. In the end, you cannot deny why Mahaulepu Beach is included on our one of the best beaches in Kauai. Indeed, this is among best beach in Hawaii.

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Tourist Attractions in Kauai
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Polihale State Park Beach

Probably the most developed beach in the island, if you stay near the Western coast, you must visit the Polihale State Park Beach. In the first place, the Polihale State Park Beach offers very wide and long white sandy beach which notably a very beautiful one.

Of course, sun bathing while watching the wave hit the beach sand is just more than a very peaceful thing. Moreover, you can see lots of professional surfers playing with its challenging wave.

As a matter of the fact, even if there are many vendors and restaurants around Polihale State Park Beach, you can choose to fish your own lunch. In particular, it’s because the area contains lots of great fish to eat while you can also grill them at the beach.

If you want a more challenging activity to do, then try to explore the hiking trail around the beach to see its shore area from a higher place. If you visit the beach, I would recommend you to stay until evening because to see its golden sunset.

Tourist Attractions in Hawaii
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Queen’s Bath

A fun one, with a true nature destination, Queen’s Bath is a place not to miss while travelling to Kauai. Unlike any other beaches that offer long stretch of either white or golden beach, the Queen’s Bath offers stretches of long rocky sea that contains several natural swimming pool on it. Of course, the occasion of swimming on its pure natural poor with sea water while also having very beautiful corals are very great thing to do.

To visit the Queen’s Batch, you need to hike for a round 30 minutes following its small stream. On your way, you will see some beautiful environment including a waterfall.

Keep in mind to bring your own food and drink because there is no vendor that provides such service. Furthermore, you need to remember to only visit Queen’s Bath during summer because the trail will get a bit dangerous during winter area and the wave is just very unfriendly.

In conclusion, beaches in Kauai are very stunning with its own character. Exploring those beaches will make you end up enjoying its beautiful occasion. In the end, this list of best beach in Hawaii is just thing you cannot miss.