Best Beaches in West Palm Beach, Weekend and Summer Vacation

best beaches in west palm beach
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West Palm Beach, a coastal region in South Florida, is a great alternative for weekend and summer vacation if you prefer not to go outside from United States.

A vacation to West Palm Beach  sometime be even better than abroad especially if you visit its best beaches in West Palm Beach.

Tourist Attractions in Palm Beach

Alongside its coastline, there are numerous beaches you can visit starting from a beach with peaceful ambience up to a beach with the liveliest one while offering great party weekend.

It’s up to you to choose what kind of beach vacation you like. For your guideline, those are our recommendation of best beaches in West Palm Beach.

best beach in west palm beach
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Carlin Park

A beach recreation ideal for family especially kids, Carlin Park is located near State Road which notably very accessible from main downtown of West Palm Beach City. The beach offers lively ambience as well as friendly environment for everyone who visits.

It’s long stretch of white beach, low tide water with blue turquoise coloured. Lots of vendors are available around the beach including food, bars and of course, water sport facilities are varies. In fact, Carlin Park is among the most developed beaches in West Palm Beach City.

You will have lots of options when visiting. For kids, castle building and swimming on its low tide castle would be good. Or bring a kite so kids can fly it as the beach is quite windy. Of course, it’s very easy to fly kite in such environment.

For adult visitor, there are lots of water sports you can ride. Parasailing and paragliding would challenge your adrenaline. For a bit more fun, rent a jet-ski and go around the beach area, just enjoy yourself with it.

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beaches in west palm beach
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Coral Cove

Well, other beach might offer its stunning view from the beach area. But Coral Cove beach offers long stretch of rocky white beach with stunning view with some differences. The beach itself is beautiful.

But there is more than just a view from its rocky beach. In particular, this beach is all about marine life and underwater living organism. In order to get to know how beauty its marine life is, then go snorkelling to see it from the water surface.

Or to get closer, get scuba diving and surely you will get satisfy. You just need to go to nearby marine spot with boat trip and then jump to its water to see beauty of nature.

beach in west palm beach
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Lake Worth Municipal Beach

A beach park, with many attractions, would be good fit for family vacation. Kids are surely going to be happy playing around the beach as it does not only offer beauty of its beach while they can choose to play with some attractions as well.

It’s very friendly beach for kids because the water is low tide as well. So you do not have to worry about kids will go into the water.

Further, there is big swimming pool located near the beach and is notably great option if you want to swim on freshwater while seeing beautiful view of horizon and wide array of sea water. This beach is perfect for family.

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tourist attractions in west palm beach
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Palm Beach Municipal Beach

A beach with its own beach town would be exciting to visit. Staying there for few days is recommended tough as there are lots of hotels, restaurants, bars and even nightlife destinations.

The beach itself is also very easy to visit from downtown as you can just walk to arrive. It’s a lively town with colourful nights. Coming to the beach, beauty is the thing you can enjoy with its white sand and blue turquoise water.

Lots of people would visit the beach especially during summer and spring break. But you can just easily find space for yourself as it’s a very wide beach.

Enough with the beach, and then explore shopping centres nearby. Unlike any other shopping centres, this one is quite cheap so take a chance to explore while you are there. Of course, the shops are good with many quality vendors.

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Peanut Island

Flanked between Palm Beach and Signer Island, Peanut Island is actually a man made one. It’s a quite small one actually. But although it’s a man-made one, it offers outstanding beauty as well as any other natural beaches throughout the region of West Palm Beach.

Its white sandy beach is very soft so you can just easily lay down there after finding a space. Indeed, swimming would be nice because its water is quite warm and low tide as well. Even in some points around the island water colour is blue turquoise.

If you are partygoer then you are highly recommended to visit the island especially on weekend. As a matter of the fact, in every weekend there will be party held around its beach. Especially in summer, party will even be crazier.

With a view of many luxury ships parked around the beach, a party feels very luxurious as well. In addition, explore nearby historical place which notably a place where JFK built nuclear bunker in the island. Indeed, this is among beaches in West Palm Beach.

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John D. Macarthur

Surrounded by palm trees, with hard-packed white sand and offers consistent wave, the John D. Macarthur should be among the best beaches in West Palm Beach City. Unlike most beaches in West Palm Beach, this beach is a very peaceful one.

With lesser visitors, you can easily drown into your own mind as wind waving your hair consistently. As a matter of the fact, this beach is quite undeveloped one. But surely, with no vendors available, the beach is even a greater escape for beachgoer to find themselves in peace.

In conclusion, West Palm Beach is truly a great choice for weekend destination either you want a short trip or for a long summer vacation. In spring break, those beaches turn out to be very full of visitors as lots of party are going on. Indeed, a vacation to this list of best beach in West Palm Beach is truly worthy.