7 Best Beach in Tasmania,Tourist Attractions That You Must Set Foot On

best beach in Tasmania
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Tasmania, a state island in off south coast of main island Australia, holds lots of outstanding geographical terrain especially alongside its coastline. Of course, it’s especially about top beaches among list of best beach in Tasmania.

Best Tourist Attractions in Tasmania

It offers the likes of inhabitant forest and coast or island with lots of fresh nature. But even if they are hidden away from the city or even a beach town, visiting them is always easy that you can just rent a car to explore them. From a lively beach up to the most peaceful beach, Tasmania has them all on this list.

beach in Tasmania
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Wineglass Bay

Even if there are numbers of quiet and virgin beaches alongside Tasmanian Coastline, Wineglass Bay is truly peaceful and breath-taking.

This bay is a perfect getaway for beach vacation is Tasmania as it offers long curve of white sandy beach while there is clear blue water surrounded by green hills that formed a place named Wineglass Bay.

The beach itself is very nature as there is no vendor available. Well, it’s just you and natures. As it’s located in a bay, the water is very calm so that you can easily swim on its warm water without any worry.

As a matter of the fact, Wineglass Bay is usually a place for camping activity. Build a camp on top of its sands. You do not have worry about water rising to your tent because the water stays on its level even at night.

Further, also take yourself go to explore national park nearby to see wider natures of Tasmania from its plants and wildlife. Indeed, this is among best beach in Tasmania.

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Tasmania Beach
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Binalong Bay

A stunning long stretch of white beach, with lots of stone beaches lying all over the beach would be a perfect getaway. It’s even a more stunning one as it has blue turquoise water which also a low tide one.

Of course, Binalong is a place that cans turns you back to be a kid you were when you start running around the beach freely or build a big sand castle with its soft sands. Or you can just sit down thinking about why the world has this kind of beauty while wind hitting you consistently. It’s either you go on a lone trip or with companions, a vacation to Binalong Bay is always a perfect one.

Best Tourist Attractions in Tasmania
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Bicheno Beach

Bicheno deserves to be among best beaches in Australian continent with its outstanding geographical from of the coast. In the first place, Bicheno Beach is a long stretch of white beach with many big stones in the sea.

But indeed, the stones are not the ones rough, instead it has soft surface therefore you even can sit on its top while viewing how Bicheno Beach is very beautiful. Amidst those stones, there lies a water look like natural swimming pool that you can swim on it. As the beach is just very close to nearby city, it’s a perfect getaway that you do not need to do more efforts to find beauty.

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Tourist Attractions in Tasmania
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Greens Beach

In the first place, Greens Beach is a local’s favourite especially for family vacation. The beach is usually gets crowded during school holiday wherein lots of parents take out their kids to Greens Beach.

Usually, lots of kids would play sand-castle building, bicycling, and lots of tourist attractions for kids. Of course, adult can try kayaking to explore nearby water that offers various beautiful landscape bring you to breath-taking scenes.

If you are enough with the beach, you can go to Nawarntapu National Park near the beach area. In particular, they provide the highlights of wildlife and natural history of Tasmania in general.

Tasmania Tourist Attractions
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Low Head Beach

Low Head Beach is a beach with lots of water attractions. The ambience is lively as lot of people are playing around letting themselves drown in fun as they go around the water with rides such as parasailing, paragliding, and jet-skiing. Wind-surfing is also available but only when wind is big.

In fact, Low Head Beach is surrounded by green environment full of grass and trees. Behind them, you can easily find out some local restaurants for a place to full your empty stomach with the kind of Tasmanian culinary.

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Tasmania Attractions
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Friendly Beaches

Friendly Beaches is my favourite. Well, it’s no wonder tough. This beach is a beach full of rocks offering stunning scene alongside its coastline. There are some stretches of beaches in between the rocks as a place for you to relax at.

But for a more challenging one, explore the rocky area of the beach and feel the wave hit its rocks with quite big speed. Amidst its rocks, there are several spots that you can swim on.

In particular, it could be said as a natural swimming pool with salt water. Remember, to swim there, make sure that you stay near the beach because the water can be a bit rough especially when you go a bit far.

To visit this beach, you need to go through a national park named Freycinet National Park. Walk several minutes through lush environment of the national park and find out this hidden beach as your vacation place.

best beaches in Tasmania
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Hazard Beach

As we previously talked mostly about hidden beaches, Hazard Beach is a popular one and is a main tourist attraction for most tourists. In fact, Hazard Beach is very close to Wineglass Bay that you can even take a short walk to arrive.

Coming to the beach, it has almost 1 km stretch of white sands with blue turquoise water. What makes Hazard Beach is favourite is its low tide water so that people can swim easily there. Well, although this beach very popular, with its wide form, you can just easily to find big space for yourself to either for swimming or sun-bathing.

In conclusion, Tasmania is truly an island rich of beach vacations. In numbers, they have too many beaches. But for best experience, follow our recommendations above on the list of best beach in Tasmania tourist attractions.