6 Best Beach in Santorini, Tourist Attractions for Beach Lovers

Best Tourist Attractions in Santorini
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Santorini, an island located in Greece, in the middle of Aegean Sea, is a home of many unique beaches which notably containing black sandy beach with some stunning geographical forms.

Best Tourist Attractions in Santorini

Indeed, visiting those beaches is exciting as you can find lots of unique things especially in best beach in Santorini. Thus, to help you exploring Santorini beaches, those are my recommendation.

Tourist Attractions in Santorini
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Perissa Beach

Some people would not love to enjoy black sandy beach. But indeed, black sand beach in Perissa Beach is something not to miss. The beach is wonderful and unique with its black sand and unique one, its blue water is also the one makes it a more beautiful one.

Further, the beach is also surrounded with big rocky hill which its colour is also black to match the colour of its sand. In summer, even this beach is not less crowded than any other surrounding beaches. Rent a gazebo to protect yourself from sun and just relax there with a book while enjoy its wonderful view.

To swim, you need to be careful because there are lots of rocks within water. But of course you can do that as the water is a very low tide. Wave is slow so no worry of getting hit by big wave. Bring yourself to surrounding fine restaurants which notably home of best culinary of Greece.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in Santorini
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Cape Columbo

One of the most iconic beaches in Santorini, Cape Columbo is a must visit beach while travelling to Santorini. The beach is actually an isolate one as it’s located quite far from downtown. To visit the beach, you can only go with rented vehicle and walk several minutes from the parking area.

When you arrive, you will soon see its wonderful gravel beach surrounded by high hills which has unique form of its wall. The beach is even more stunning as the water is clear turquoise one. Indeed, Cape Columbo is a place not to miss in Greece. When you come, remember not to sit down under big rocks in order to avoid danger from falling rocks. Indeed, this is among best beach in Santorini.

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Red Beach

Red Beach is literally a red one. It offers long stretch of black sandy beach but surrounded by big hills and rock formations. The unique thing about Red Beach is that its surrounding hills have red coloured which notably only exists here in the world.

To arrive at the beach, you need to hike a trail that goes through its red hills. Its sand might be a normal one like any other beaches in Santorini, but its red cliff gives one a kind of exciting feeling to see this uniqueness of the world. Well, never forget to bring a camera before visiting in order to memorize those moments.

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White Beach

Probably the most beautiful beach in Santorini with its white sand, White Beach is a must visit destination. As a matter of the fact, the beach is actually located just right next to Red Hill. Therefore, you can visit White Beach for a relaxing day after having a journey to Red Hill which notably a challenging one. If the cliffs in Red Beach are red coloured, then cliffs in White Beach are white coloured just like its sandy beach. The view is stunning as its white beach is combined with blue turquoise water.

As a matter of the fact, you can only visit White Beach with boat. There is no other way because hiking is not recommended as the hike would be very dangerous. Spend a day here with its peaceful ambience.

The beach is usually calm as not a lot of visitors visit them with exception in Summer time. In winter season especially when rain level is high, the beach is not recommended to visit because the water could be high as well.

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Ammoudi Bay

A thrilling place for swimming, the Ammoudi Bay would give you an unforgettable moment of travelling in Santorini. Just like in a travel movie where one could jump from a cliff right onto the water, that’s what you can do in Ammoundi Bay.

Basically, Ammoundi Bay is a place where the water is calm just like forming a natural swimming pool on its cove surrounded by many big hills. Its water is clear turquoise therefore you can see its ground clearly with its beautiful corals and various swimming colourful fish like. Come to find your Nemo here.

In the light of its beauty, you can only visit Ammoundi Bay with boat trip. The boat will stop at the destination of where you can swim and just jump below from the boat.

Well, you need to be sure with your swimming skill here because the water is quite deep. You do not have to worry about wave because it’s very calm water otherwise in winter.

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Kamari Beach

From many black beaches in Santorini, Kamari Beach is the tourist’s favourite. In fact, the beach is a home of many resorts which notably providing lots of beautiful facilities including swimming pool and any other summer thingy. The beach is popular of its full of gazebo. Enjoy a day spending time here with a book under gazebo while watching flow of beautiful blue sea water.

Well, Kamari Beach is actually a touristy town full of restaurants and places for drinks as well. In night, it will be very colourful as lots of people going out to town to find places to hangout. If you want nightclub, then there are several of them and they are truly amazing. Hotels are also available quite a lot. If you want to stay in a beach town, this is a place I would recommend to you.

At the end of the day, every visitor would never regret a decision to visit this island. Well, as vacation is not only about beauty of places you visit, but comfortable factor is also determined, tourism friendly environment of the island truly helps you visit the best tourist attractions in Santorini.