Best Beach in Puglia, Really The Best Tourist Destinations in Italy

best beach in Puglia
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Puglia, a coastal region in Italy, has been popular as one of the known international tourism recently. In fact, even if the region is also known for its culinary, the beauty of best beach in Puglia never lies.

Best Tourist Attractions in Puglia

Therefore, it’s not a wonder why lots of people love to visit them. With great public transportation and complete tourist accommodation as well, Puglia is a comfortable place to visit. To help you exploring its beaches, those are the best beaches to visit in Puglia.

beach in Puglia
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Torre Guaceto

This beach might not know by lots of tourists in Puglia. But for me, Torre Guaceto deserves to be among best beaches in Puglia. It has pure nature beach with still very clean environment. It’s also a long stretch of white sand beach with very soft sand material.

Thus, you can just easily lay down there under sun. Its water is also very clean and blue clear while the wave is quite big. Enjoying yourself while hearing wave sound hitting beautiful coral reefs alongside Torre Guaceto Beach would be a good relaxation.

In addition, Torre Guaceto also offers outstanding marine beauty. So keep in mind to bring your snorkelling equipment when travel to this beach.

In fact, its location is a bit far from Puglia downtown. There is no public transportation to visit the beach. Instead, you need to rent an either motorbike or a car to go.

But when you arrive, surely it would make your vacation really worth seeing this beautiful and clean beach which notably a nature reserve one. Lastly, make sure you also visit a UNESCO world heritage site nearby.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Puglia
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Polignano a Mare

Poliglano a Mare is not literally a sand beach. Instead, it’s a big rocky coast which hosted many fine dining restaurants seating on its rocky hills. A day relaxing in Polignano a Mare with beautiful panorama of wide array of sea while listening to its big wave hitting the rocks.

Come to one of the restaurants on its coastline to enjoy the view. In fact, those restaurants are known for its good local Mediterranean culinary. Notably offering seafood menu, the seafood is only taken from the freshest seafood supplied on a daily basis. Indeed, a vacation to Polignano A Mare is an exciting one. Indeed, this is among best beach in Puglia.

Tourist Attractions in Puglia
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Torre Dell’Orso

In the first place, nobody could deny the beauty of Torre Dell’Orso. It’s a beautiful cove with many caves, a natural pool, and several rock formations. There is no white sand beach. But its natural swimming pool is more than enough to excite and making every visitor happy.

Further, its water is also offer blue turquoise colour and very clear. Therefore, you can see the ground level of its water and many fish swimming around. But one thing we still miss, its iconic beautiful two rock formations which called as ‘two sisters’ stay side by side. When you visit, make sure you rent to drive a boat to get closer with the rocks.

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Beach Attractions in Puglia
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Baia Delle Zagare

In gargano town, is a small town, there lays a beautiful beach hidden behind green forest and big hills. It’s actually a beautiful white sandy beach stretch up to 1 km long. As a matter of the fact, the beach is a very clean one with very soft sand and its water is also very clear as well.

But the beauty of it does not stop here. In the light of it, there is two rock formations forming a gate from notably very stunning to see it get hit by waves. You can swim, lay down on sand, but most recommended is to rent a boat to explore surrounding are of the beach including its rock formations.

For you to know, the beach is actually located within a national park. Therefore, you can go exploring its national park after the beach. It’s a very beautiful area with very green environment and wildlife as well. In the end, this trip will be your most remarkable one while on vacation to Puglia.

Puglia Tourist ATtractions
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Green Bay

Visit Green Bay if you love a lively beach ambience. The beach itself is very beautiful with stretch of white sands as well. Lots of water attractions are offered including jet-ski, snorkelling, parasailing and kayaking.

The ambience is also refreshing as the beach is surrounded by many pine trees. But what matter the most about the beach is its lively ambience especially at night. When night comes, the Green Bay turns out to be a colourful town with great nightlife choices.

Lots of bars, restaurants and night clubs are available around the street. Make sure you do not miss a night here if you are partygoers.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Puglia Italia
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As a matter of the fact, Pescoluse is also popularly known as the Maldives of Puglia. No wonder, it’s because the beach is truly beautiful with white sandy beach. What interest people the most is its low tide water that you can even walk on its water far to the middle the sea.

The wave is also very small and low so you can easily swim on there. The beach is beautiful with great ambience. I would recommend you to stay until sunset during a visit here.

In particular, it’s because you need to wait for its golden sunset to come. If you stay there for at least one night, also come to the beach in an early morning to see sunrise. Follow those and you will get your best paradise.

In numbers, there are actually hundreds of beaches options in Puglia. But as even one month trip is not enough to explore them all and it would be a waste, those best 5 beaches are enough to make you happy during a trip to Puglia.

This best beach in Puglia is actually the best tourist destinations in Italy. It has been popular in recent years. Thus, keep in mind to put them on your bucket list very soon. Otherwise you will regret not to visit them in your lifetime. s