Best Beach in Nicaragua, What Nicaragua Best Known For

best beach in Nicaragua
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Nicaragua, a country in Central America, has been long popular of its beach destination which typically offers the likes of Caribbean kind of beach.

Indeed, even if there are lots of tourists attractions to explore in Nicaragua, its best beach in Nicaragua beauty is something you cannot miss.

Best Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua

Indeed, exploring them would make you find out what truly a world’s heaven is. Therefore, those are our recommendations for best beaches to visit in Nicaragua.

beach in Nicaragua
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Pearl Cays

As Nicaragua is already become one of the world’s best tropical destinations, its beaches are sometimes always full of visitors. But if you prefer a beach with fewer visitor, then of course there are several beaches available.

One of the best of them is the Pearl Cays Beach which notably quite far away from any city centre. In order to visit the beach, you need to go with car around several hours until you arrive. But when you arrive, surely all your efforts will be paid out.

The beach is popular with its many palm trees that surround the beach. The ambience is peaceful as there will be strong wind hitting you every time beneath its hot sun. Even if the beach is short in size, it’s a white sandy beach with very soft sand.

Swimming is fine as long as you stay close to the beach area because the water could get rough in below sometimes. Fishing is also thing to do as you can catch fish easily just from the beach. At the end of the day, a vacation to Pearl Cays will be very amazing experience.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua
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Playa Redonda

There are two kinds of traveller who want to find a peaceful and less crowded beach to visit. First, there is a traveller who wants to find a remote beach that they need to explore them with some efforts such as hiking.

Second, there is a traveller who just wants to find a quiet beach but a private one. If you are the second kind of traveller, then Playa Redonda is your destination. Playa Redonda is actually a small one but hidden and surrounded by a green tropical forest located in only a small island.

As the beach is a private property of Aqua Wellness Resort, then you can only visit them using their service. Book an earlier reservation in order to enjoy its beauty because it could just get full suddenly especially during peak season.

You can either stay at the beach or not but everything is under authority of the resort. When you visit the beach, make sure you also book for either snorkelling or diving activity because its wonderful marine life is just something not to miss.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua
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Madera Beach

If you are the one who looks for a beach to with big and consistent wave for surfing, then Madera Beach should be your destination. In the first place, there are actually too many options of things to do at the beach, but surfing is the number one.

The beach is wide while the wave is also very challenging enough. Even in fact, Madera Beach is often regarded as the surfing capital of Nicaragua. Well, if you are not skilled enough, do not try surfing especially when the wave is big because it could be a bit rough. But of course you can learn to surf when weather condition is right.

Other than surfing, Madera Beach itself offers a true beauty of nature. Well, it’s especially during sunset the view is even more spectacular with golden round sun appearing. Enjoy sunset view here while holding beer is truly calmness.

If you think staying at the beach is not enough for only one day visit, then you can build a camp within a camping area near the beach. There will be lots of people camping with you and surely you get a great thing to do.

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Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua
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Las Penitas

Las Penitas is actually a favourite beach for local’s family. The beach itself is a beautiful one with white sandy beach and many rocks lied around the beach area. But of course, you do not need to worry to swim in Las Penitas because there is no rock within water to hurt your leg.

To swim at the beach, you need to be sure with your swimming skill if you want to go a bit far to the middle water. If you are not sure enough, then make sure that you stay close to the beach to avoid any danger.

In peak season, the beach usually gets crowded with lots of local’s family. But indeed, it does not mean that Las Penitas is not a fun one. Instead, there are many water activities that you can do at the beach including jet-ski, parasailing, kayaking and surfing.

Around the beach, lots of culinary restaurants also await you to enjoy its delicious food. Surely, you will not regret any decision to visit this beach. Indeed, this is among best beach in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Tourist Attractions
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Playa La Flor

Playa La Flor deserved to be called as a wild one. In fact, it’s because wildlife is often to be seen at the beach. You do not have to wait for your lucky day to see many turtles and some other friendly animals playing around at the beach. Instead, there will be lots of them especially if you come during right month.

The animals that usually show up at the beach are iguana, monkey and various beautiful birds. The beach is wide with its soft sand therefore you can easily build sand castle at the beach. For best experience, make sure that you come during June to August because animals occasionally show up at those times.

As a conclusion, Nicaragua is a true heaven when it comes to talk about beach. Those beaches are enough to describe how beauty the coastal region of Nicaragua is. Indeed, ensure yourself to travel to Nicaragua at least once in your life. In the end, you will always find happiness there at best beach in Nicaragua.