6 of Best Beach in Michigan Tourist Attractions For Your Tour List

best beach in Michigan
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Michigan is a state in American that contains four great lakes that offer lots of freshwater beach vacation. Of course, even a best beach in Michigan with freshwater is more beautiful than the beach near the ocean.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Michigan

It’s not only because its uniqueness, but also because you can swim freely with its freshwater without leaving your body a bit sticky one. Indeed, travelling to Michigan will be a wonderful trip to remember with its beach destinations. For your guideline, those are best beaches to visit while travelling to Michigan.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Michigan
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Empire Beach

A beautiful stretch of white sandy beach with Lake Michigan view in front of the beach, offers a stunning experience of vacation. The beach is actually a bit more peaceful and less crowded than any other beaches around Lake Michigan.

With its freshwater beach and long stretch of sand, the beach is popular as a destination for having vacation with your pets. Playing with pet especially dog would be fun in this beach as you will also meet lots of such friends.

For best experience, you should come during August that there will be held an Asparagus Festival. Lastly, a dog gallery nearby is also recommended to visit.

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Tourist Attractions in Michigan
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Martindale Beach

If you are looking for a beach destination for family vacation, then you can come to visit Martindale Beach. Even if the beach does not offer sandy beach, but its green environment beach with green grass would be a nice place for a family picnic.

Many people would come and build a tent while you can also eat your packed food with kids. Of course, such experience is a nice thing to do. If you want to visit Martindale Beach, make sure that you do not come during weekend because it would get crowded usually.

In fact, if you only have a time during weekend, you can stay one night at the beach with your tent. Of course, that would be good option to do as the ambience is very beautiful.

Furthermore, you also can catch some fish or crabs during your camping time to eat for dinner. Further, it’s also a safe beach for a camping because they have guards. At the end  of the day, a family vacation to Martindale Beach would be a wonderful one.

Best Tourist Attractions in Michigan
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Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

Probably one of the longest white beaches around Lake Michigan, Saugatuck offers around 1.5 miles stretches of white beach. Along those long sandy beaches, you can slowly find a place to enjoy yourself with your own thought.

Of course, that would be a nice place to relax yourself while also getting some refreshing ambience. Moreover, the beach offers very soft sand that you can easily lay down yourself at the beach.

Well, aside from its beach beauty, there lay lots of options of hiking trails near the beach. Indeed, you must explore them if you are the one who loves adventure.

The journey would be challenging. But once you arrive at one of its top hill, you can see the whole view of its coastline. Especially during sunset, the view is even more stunning. Indeed, this deserves to be in discussion of best beach in Michigan.

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Beach in Michigan
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Waveland Beach

In the first place, I would regard that Waveland Beach is the most complete beach around the area of Lake Michigan. Starting from its beach, the beach is clean with stunning view of wide array of clear blue water of its lake.

Most importantly, swimming is a good option to do at the beach because the water is not only calm, but also has short deep as well. Thus, you should not be afraid of going a bit far to the middle of the lake.

Furthermore, there are still many things you can do in the lake. Seeing sunset would be a good one. But for me, to only see sunset while seating on its sand is just not even enough.

The beach is also among the most developed ones around Michigan as it offers lots of great facilities for either camping, golf or some other water sports. At the end of the day, a vacation to this beach will always be a wonderful experience.

Michigan Tourist Attractions
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Front Beach

If you are the one who loves doing beach sport, then you can come to the Front Beach. In the evening, just come to the beach and get involved with some locals who play sport such as football and volleyballs.

Furthermore, the beach is also known as fishing destination in the Michigan. For best experience, you should stay at least for one night at the beach for a full experience. Go with sport in the evening, and rest yourself with fishing in the night.

Sure, it’s not hard to catch one fish at the beach because its environment and the living organism is still good and reserved. Lastly, there are also lots of restaurants around the beach for local culinary.

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Tourist Attraction in Michigan
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Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore

As a matter of the fact, the Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore is among the most beautiful places in United States of America. To arrive in its location, you need to go through a quite long hiking trail from the first point.

But you do not have to worry because all your efforts will be paid out with the beauty along the journey you go through. Once you arrive, you will see a wide array of beautiful view dunes with a stunning view of Lake Michigan as a whole.

Indeed, the view is even more beautiful if you come in an early morning to see sunrise view from its point. This would be my best recommendation for beach vacation around Lake Michigan area.

As a conclusion, Lake Michigan truly contains lots of pieces of heaven with from of the beach. Indeed, those beaches are very good to visit with its freshwater character. Therefore, you should not miss to visit at least one best beach in Michigan during your vacation to Michigan.