5 Best Beach in Ibiza, Spain. Tourist Attractions to Spend Your Holiday

Beach Tourist Attractions in Ibiza
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Ibiza, an island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, is not only known for its culinary, but also its awesome best beach in Ibiza vacations. In fact, there are even more than 100 beach options for visitors to choose.

Tourist Attractions in Ibiza
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Beach Tourist Attractions in Ibiza

Even among those many numbers they offer each different character that might interest you to visit every one of them.

Furthermore, the beach vacation in Ibiza is even more perfect with the restaurants available that notably offering high quality dining experience.

Of course, any vacations to Ibiza would always make you excited. But lastly, beach is just a place you cannot miss while travelling to Ibiza. Those are best beaches you must visit in Ibiza.

Ibiza Tourist Attractions
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Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella is a hidden one. Behind its green cliffs, there lies a wonderful beach named Cala Mastella on the coastline of Ibiza Island.

Well, Cala Mastella might be only a small nook. But instead, if offers an outstanding summer vacation. Calmness, peacefulness, and of course, beauty and enjoyment are only few of many things that Cala Mastella offers to visitors.

Spending a day at its white beach while looking at its beautiful turquoise water that you even can see the water’s ground are just a very wonderful thing to do.

As a matter of the fact, Cala Mastella is also a home of many great restaurants especially serving seafood menu. Therefore, after a tired day playing at the beach, you can rest yourself enjoying its great culinary with excellent ambience as well.

The beach is notably a great destination for romantic journey because of such occasion. Even there lays a famous restaurant named El Bigotes that is already popular of its fine dining.

Historically speaking, there was once the king of Spain was rejected to come to this restaurant because he has not booked therefore the table is full.

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best beach in Ibiza
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Raco De Ses Dones

Far away from downtown of the island, there lies a secret cove named Raco De Ses Dones which offers very beautiful place to enjoy.

Basically, Raco De Ses Dones would be a good choice if you want to avoid a more popular beach with crowd and prefer a more peaceful beach vacation.

Indeed, Raco De Ses Dones would make your solitude vacation a perfect one as the beach is a true beauty. Moreover, there are many activities to do as well.

Aside from seating at the beach with yourself or sun bathing while thinking nothing, the beach offers various challenging things to do. Swimming is recommended as the water is very clean without any disruptions.

If you want a more challenging one, it’s either snorkelling or diving because its marine life is also wonderful as well and is still on its natural condition. Lastly, take a boat tour if you have a chance to do so. Indeed, this is among best beach in Ibiza

beach in Ibiza
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Benirras Beach

It’s fair to say that Benirras Beach is a different once. If you look at its nature, the beach, clear turquoise water and rock cliffs, its beauty are quite competing compared to many top beaches in Ibiza.

While the beach has no sands beach, it offers a great place for swimming as the wave is quite normal and the deep of its water is also short. But other than all those things, Benirras Beach is a destination if you want to see some cultural ritual named tribal drumming sessions.

Starting from evening when the beautiful view of golden sunset starts to emerge, a beautiful ritual of tribal drumming would start as well while adding with many fires performances.

Of course, this ritual is just a memorable one to see. But indeed, if you prefer not to get close to them, you can just visit a near market named boho-chic after playing at the beach on a day.

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tourist attractions in ibiza spain
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Es Portitxol

In the first place, only the one who loves adventure would visit this beach. Not only to find a hidden beauty and some pieces of world’s heaven, but one also visit the beach for a beautiful journey and of course, to get a more peaceful mind.

Es Portitxol, hidden behind a towering cliff, is offering a great hiking experience if you want to visit them. The beach itself is also a beautiful one with pure nature condition especially its marine life.

To arrive at the Portitxol Beach, one would need to hike for around an hour. During hiking journey, one would be able to see outstanding view of some parts of the coastal regions from the top of the cliff. The journey itself is a challenging one. But you do not have to worry because everything will worth once you arrive.

ibiza spain Tourist attractions
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Cala Gracioneta

An iconic one, a popular one, Cala Gracioneta Beach is just a place you cannot miss while travelling to Ibiza Island. Well, I even would put this beach among the world’s most beautiful turquoise sea water with its soft white sandy beach.

The beach is always be the tourist’s favourite because of its outstanding beauty and notably very accessible as well. A day playing at the beach is not even enough as there are too many water activities options to choose. Swimming is recommended and fun as you will swim with many others on its crystal clear water.

If other beaches are a perfect spot for watching sunset, then Cala Gracioneta is a perfect spot for enjoying sunrise’s view. After a very peaceful and beautiful experience watching sunrise moment, a couple could head their direction to nearby restaurant named El Chiringuito.

As a matter of the fact, as the only beach available at the beach, the restaurant offers very romantic ambience to any patrons and of course, with a beautiful view.

In conclusion, those beaches are the ones that would make your trip memorable as you also can choose what kind of tourism experience you would like to feel. As the best beach in Ibiza are on the list, you must not miss any chances to visit at least one of them.