Best Beach in Fuerteventura, Do not Miss This Tourist Attractions

best beach in Fuerteventura
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Fuerteventura Island, is an island in the north side of off African Coast, still being part of Spain territory, has been long tourist destination especially for beach vacation.

Indeed, a vacation to best beach in Fuerteventura is just too amazing.  As there are more than 100 beaches in numbers, you cannot get even more confuse of choosing your destination.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Fuerteventura

Well, most of the beaches are beautiful with its own character of tourism starting from beach for swimming, relaxing, sport activity, surfing, marine beauty as well as beach for fishing. For your guideline, those are beaches you must visit in Fuerteventura.

beach in Fuerteventura
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Sotavento Beach

Basically, I would say that Sotavento Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura. Indeed, as the beach offers breath-taking view of its turquoise sea water while accompanied with view of mountainous region in a far distance.

Its long and wide white beaches also astonish every costumer that comes to Sotavento Beach. Playing at the beach would be fun with its soft sands.

Moreover, there are no many hotels and vendors around the beach which even makes it a peaceful place to relax at. It’s fair to say that everything about Sotavento Beach is just beautiful.

When you visit Sotavento, options of doing tourism things are many at its peaceful ambience. Not many attractions it offer, but a day relaxing at the beach would be beautiful.

Swimming is also recommended because the water is short in term of deepness. As a matter of the fact, Sotavento Beach is popular as destination for windsurfing and kite-boarding. Of course, that would be a challenging thing to do if you dare enough.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in Fuerteventura
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Costa Calma Beach

As a matter of the fact, the coast in Pajara is the longest one in the island. Well, there you will see long line of beautiful white sandy beach that actually reach almost 150km long.

Thus, even if this beach is notably a popular one, but you will find it easy to get yourself alone and get some peace as well as quiet ambience at the beach while listening to its wave’s sound. Indeed, the beauty of its beach is inevitable to miss while you have a chance to do so.

As the water is very calm, Costa Calma Beach is good for family vacation. But remember that the water is quite rough with very strong undercurrents as well.

Therefore swimming is not recommended. Of course, you can go to the water, but you have to be really careful. While enjoying yourself at the beach, you also can play kite because the wind is good to do so.

Tourist Attractions in Fuerteventura
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Corralejo Beach

A popular one, the Corralejo Beach is a place you cannot miss while travelling to Fuerteventura Island. This white soft sandy beach offers breath-taking view of its turquoise water with a mountain coming up from the water’s ground.

Furthermore, the beach is also not that deep so that anyone would be able to walk far to the water as well as swimming freely as the wave is also quite normal and safe. The special thing is that the water is very clean and clear that it enables you to see the water’s ground and fish getting around clearly.

Well, as one of the main beaches in Fuerteventura Island, there are many activities offered at the beach. Other than swimming, activities such as surfing, parasailing, wind-surfing as well as kayaking is recommended.

If you want to explore more, take a boat trip around the beach. But keep in mind that most boat trips and some great activities are only available in summer for safety reason. So, come during summer for best experience.

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Caleta de Fuste

Unlike any other previous beaches which offer beautiful view from the beach, the Caleta de Fuste offers a wonderful one as well. But in fact, it’s all about marine life and underwater living organism beauty.

Notably, Caleta de Fuste is a place to do either snorkelling or diving as there are many spots to do so. You do not have to worry of finding a travel agent to go with.

In particular, it’s because there are many vendors that provide such activity for visitors near the beach. Lastly, I would recommend that you bring an action camera because the moments and its marine beauty is just something wonderful to take.

Fuerteventura Tourist Attractions
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Lobos Island

Only a small island off the Coast of Fuerteventura Island, Lobos Island offers an outstanding beauty. When you arrive at the island with a boat, you will already see its beautiful sea which has a mountain view with.

Furthermore, this small island also has a beach which notably a very peaceful one. Although many options for water sport are available, snorkelling and diving is more recommended as you just cannot miss its marine beauty.

If you visit Lobos Island, you have to keep in mind that this island has no vendors available. Therefore, you need to prepare your own foods and drinks prior to your departure to the island.

Indeed, such occasion should not mean to make it harder for you to travel to the island. Instead, it should be fun to eat packed meal at the beach with some friends. Indeed, this is among best beach in Fuerteventura.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Fuerteventura
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Gran Tarajal

Well, this beach is a different one. In the first place, aside from its beauty, Gran Tarajal is a top beach destination for fishing activity. With a darker sandy beach rather than any other beaches, fishing at the beach would be a good experience that allows this beach to be a great place to relax while fishing.

Of course, to fish while having small talk either with family or couple is just moments to remember. I would recommend you to come to the beach in the morning and start fishing for your lunch.

In conclusion, those beaches are just too amazing as it offers its own character which differentiates them from other best beach in Fuerteventura.

Exploring those beaches would only make you leave in wonder. At the end of the day, a vacation to Fuerteventura is just something to remember.