List of 5 Best Beach in Egypt, The Best Egyptian Beaches to Visit

Tourist Attractions in Egypt
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Egypt is not just a country. Instead, it’s a great choice of a tourism destination with its many options of tourist attractions including best beach in Egypt.

Well, a vacation to Egypt is a complete one as you can see everything starting from its strong Middle Eastern culture, culinary, ancient history of the Pyramids, as well as natural beauty.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Indeed, everything in Egypt is truly would make everyone curious about its outstanding landmark as well as its beauty. Usually, people would like to visit Egypt because of its culture and historical landmarks.

But in fact, its beaches options are also something not to miss about. As there are long beautiful coastline with various kinds of beaches as well as marine beauty, here we list the best beach destinations in Egypt that you must visit.

best beach in Egypt
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Agiba Beach

So far away from any downtown, 24km away from the city of Marsa Matrough, Agiba Beach offers an outstanding beach vacation.

Well, you might need to spend a little bit more effort to arrive at the beach, but surely when you arrive you will never regret any decisions to visit Agiba Beach.

Breath-taking view, crystal clear turquoise water, soft white sand beach are just several things about Agiba Beach that would amaze you. Well, even a day playing at the beach is not even enough as its beauty is just very spectacular.

While at the beach, you do not have to be confused of what to do. Even there are too many options for beach activities starting from swimming at its clean and turquoise water or doing some water sport activities such as kayaking and riding a boat.

Sun bathing is also recommended as the sand is very soft so you can just lay down at the beach. Indeed, any experiences here would always be an unforgettable one.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in Egypt
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Soma Bay

There is no word able to describe how beauty the Soma Bay is. Indeed, although Soma Bay does not offer sandy beach unlike any other beaches, it offers very beautiful experience of getting to the middle of red sea with its walking bridge that would guide you to the middle of the sea.

In fact, it is a safe one because the water deep is quite short. Of course, enjoying a day here watching its crystal blue water would truly refresh your mind.

As a matter of the fact, the Soma Bay is also a center of water sport activities such as jet-ski, parasailing, kayaking and many other challenging water sports.

Further, you can stay in surrounding luxurious resorts that in numbers there are 5 resorts as your options. If you love diving, those resorts provide the tour to do so you just need a diving license to get involve. Indeed, everything about Soma Bay is just perfect.

Beach Attractions in Egypt
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In the first place, Taba Beach is a complete one in term of its beauty. I would regard this beach among the most beautiful scenery among many top beaches in Egypt.

Directly sided with desert, with its white sandy beach, its ambience and surrounding view is more than just a beauty. To arrive at the beach, you can ride yourself with a camel and keep in mind to ride the camel around its beautiful desert.

Further, a beautiful beach with a view of many brown cliffs added with its turquoise clear calm water would even make your journey even more memorable.

Aside from its beauty, there are many things you can do at the beach and surely you should not miss a chance to enjoy this heaven. Riding a boat to surrounding islands and water areas are also recommended.

In fact, Taba is also among the best place for snorkeling and diving activity thanks to its wonderful marine life. But other than those, enjoying yourself at the beach with a local hot tea with some local culinary would be a good choice as well. Indeed, this deserves to be in discussion of best beach in Egypt.

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Egypt Tourist Attractions
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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is my recommendation that you cannot miss especially if you love to swim at pure nature place. Right at its rocky beach, there is a big natural swimming pool that you can swim at.

Of course, it’s a very beautiful one that has turquoise crystal water that you could clearly see the water ground. It’s quite deep so that it won’t danger you because of the corals at its ground.

But as a matter of the fact, natural swimming pool in Marsa Alam is just a beginning. In particular, there is even wider beautiful underwater life with its living corals and colorful fish. Go diving to find out their true beauty.

Beach in Egypt
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A quite different beach destination beach in Egypt, a beach resort named El-Gouna is also a place not to miss while travelling in Egypt. Indeed, Gouna beach resort is just a mirror of how beauty this country is especially when it comes to luxurious vacation.

It’s either you stay at the resort or stay at some small hotels around the area, a vacation to Gouna will always be perfect. Moreover, its complete and luxurious facility would even astonish your vacation time in Egypt.

In fact, the water at the beach is a calm one so there is many safe water activities that you can do. Even if you are newbie, water sports are just something you cannot miss.

Among the best options are snorkeling at its calm water and see its wonderful underwater living organism while on the other hand canoeing and jet-skiing is also recommended. After a day tired of the beach, its surrounding restaurants are awaiting as well with its tasty Egyptian food options.

To summarize, those beaches are truly worth to visit because it has its own character of tourism and beauty. Therefore, even if you must many beaches in Egypt, there will be no the same kind of tourism. At the end of the day, this list of best beach in Egypt would make your trip a memorable one.