Best Beach in Dorset, Come and Enjoy Dorset Tourist Attractions

best beach in Dorset
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Dorset, a coastal town in Southwest region of England, offers too many options of wild environment tourism as well as its clean, peaceful, and virgin beaches.

Further, best beach in Dorset vacation is not only about its beauty, but also offering the highlight of ancient heritages notably the fossils area.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Dorset

In fact, even the coastal side of Dorset is known as Jurassic Coast because it contains million years history of our mother earth. Lastly, those are the best beach destinations in Dorset.

beaches in dorset
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South Beach

A beautiful beach at the southern coast of Dorset City, also offers the sight of many ships getting around, the South Beach is a true beauty.

This beach would be a good option if you do not prefer a more crowded beach like in Knoll. In particular, it’s because it offers every coming visitor with its peaceful ambience as well as quiet and refreshing environment.

Well, the beach might not have white sandy beach like any other popular beaches in Dorset, but spending time relaxing at the beach while having family time would be a good experience.

Other than its beach vacation, you also can enjoy other beauty around its beach. Among the most beautiful ones are the hike to Handfast Point and old Harry Rocks.

From there, you can take a short hike a bit further and find yourself at the beginning of Jurassic Coast journey where you could find out lots of heritages from ancient era.

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Gundimore Beach

If you stay in Mudeford Quay during your vacation at Dorset then you can visit nearby Gundimore Beach. Offering long line of white sandy beach, enjoy a day in Gudimore Beach while sun bathing or doing some other activities such as swimming and building sand castle would be a great thing to do.

I would recommend you to visit this beach if you go on vacation with family. Indeed, it’s because the beach is a kid friendly one.

On the other hand, visiting some ancient heritage is also recommended thing to do near the beach. Only several minutes away, you can take a short walk to visit nearby Highcliffe Castle and Gardens which notably has amazing architecture adopting Gothic style.

At the end of the day, you will not only see how beauty the beach is, but also getting to know lots of histories regarding the city of Dorset.

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Worbarrow Bay

There are two thing that you can enjoy at the Worbarrow Beach particularly history and beauty. In the first place, Worbarrow Bay is a beautiful one as it is hidden behind big rocky cliffs that has lengthy shingle beach.

Well, you might not be able to play to hard at the beach because it is a shingle one, but enjoying yourself at the beach is just a very peaceful thing to do.

Furthermore, the beach area itself has a history as the village nearby was the military training place for preparation of World War II. Therefore, there are several historic heritage buildings that you can explore.

As a matter of the fact, the area today is still used for such occasion. So basically you can only visit Worbarro Bay at several time during a year time because access is limited by the Ministry of Defence.

When you visit Dorset during a time its open, do not miss a chance to taste its beautiful environment and breath-taking view.

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Lulworth Cove

Surrounded by green cliffs, the Lulworth Cove is just a little piece of heaven in Dorset City. Its white shingle beach with crystal clear water as well as the cove’s view which notably very beautiful and make its water a bit calmer, the Lulworth Cove never fails to satisfy its visitor.

Visiting Lulworth Cove is easy because there is accessible road and car parking area. So you do not have to worry about that. Other than enjoying yourself at the beach, you can explore the whole cove area using small rented boat.

Of course, that would be an amazing experience that you will never forget. But remember, you can only do boat tour during summer for safety reason. Indeed, this is among best beach in Dorset

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Durdle Door Dorset Landmark

Probably the best beach in Dorset and the most iconic landmark for the locals, Durdle Door Landmark is just something you cannot miss while travelling to Dorset.

In the first time you arrive at the beach, you will see a big rock formation formed a beautiful look sided with sea view which of course, a breath-taking one. Prepare your camera prior to your departure because there will be lots of things and moments to take.

Furthermore, the beach offers a memorable as well as challenging place for swimming with its good wave. If you are good enough at swimming, then you are okay to go a bit far from the beach point.

But if your swimming skill is not quite good, ensure yourself to stay close to the beach because the water could just rise very quickly. Lastly, I would recommend to do a camping here because a night stay will be wonderful as you will go through its amazing sunset and sunrise time.

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Charmouth Beach

A fun beach, there is a beach named Charmouth Beach. Options of things to do are just too many as you can spend days to enjoy the beach vacation. Water activities are recommended because the beach water is not quite deep until far distance to the middle of the sea.

Therefore, such occasion is also a good one for swimming activity. If you want a little bit more challenging activity, rent a paddle board and go kayaking around its beach water.

Camping is also recommended as there is non-sand area near the beach notably a great place to make a camp. Other than its beach vacation, go to Charmouth Heritage Coast for fossils hunting.

As a conclusion, those beaches destinations are just too great to explore. The beauty is really great to remember as you will discover many unique natural landmarks. Indeed, this list of best beach in Dorset is just a gem of England.