TOP 7 Best Beach in Devon, Great Devon Attractions to Visit

Beach Tourist Attractions in Devon
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Devon, a small city located in Shire County right in the Southwest coast of England, has been long known for its peaceful beach vacation.

In numbers, the beaches are too many that it’s a hard thing to choose the best beach in Devon. As a matter of the fact, the region actually offers many other tourism things to do.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Devon

But of course, its beauty of the beaches makes it inevitable to explore during any vacation to Devon. To help you get the best experience, those are beaches you must explore.

Tourist Attractions in Devon
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East Portlemouth Beach

East Portlemouth Beach is very popular as a good place for sun bathing activity. Indeed, its beauty and its calmness which added with some sounds of water’s wave with winds are just things that make you relax even more.

Its golden sand and beautiful view of clean beach would make your sunbathing day a perfect one. Moreover, there are lots of facilities to do so and you could order some summer drinks to enjoy with you.

For your information, the East Portlemouth Beach is among beaches that have complete facilities for visitors such as good toilet and bathroom for visitors to take bath after enjoying a day at the beach.

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Beach Attractions in Devon
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Hope Cove Beach

Well, I would regard the Hope Cove Beach as the most natural beautiful beach in Devon. Since the first time you arrive at the beach, you will already noticed why this beach is called very beautiful.

Even before the beach, its green environment is already a nice one to enjoy that makes one already a fresh one. Furthermore, this beach is also popular for family vacation as it offers peaceful ambience with many kids friendly things.

Best Beach Attractions in Devon
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Anstey’s Cove

You can visit this beach if you want to get away from a more crowded beach and have some relaxations at. But of course, a less visitor does not mean it is not a beautiful one.

Indeed, you will its answer why I call this beach as a very beautiful one. Differentiate itself with other beaches that its beach has no sand instead rocky beach, but offering calm and peaceful water, Anstey’s cove is a truly nice place for relaxation.

Other than its beauty, the Anstey’s Cove also offers some other things to do. First, running and jogging at the beach walk line is recommended as it would be very refreshing. Lots of shopping places also await any visitor to buy their tourism products. Indeed, this beach might not be crowded and lively, but its vacation is truly something to remember.

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Best Beach in Devon
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Woody Bay

In the first place, Woody Bay does not mean that it’s full of woods. Instead, Woody Bay is a rocky beach with very breath-taking view to see. The wave is quite big that you would often hear the water’s sound hitting the rocks.

Of course, such occasions are the ones that make it even a more beautiful one. Even if swimming and playing at sand is not available at this beach, the beauty and its scenery are things that would make you hold your breath while on your vacation. At the end of the day, a vacation to Woody Bay would be remembered the most.

Devon Tourist Attractions
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Crow Point

A beach often popular for the locals, Crow Point Beach would be a nice place to visit especially if you want to see how the local’s live. In fact, the beach is actually a centre place for fishing activities and for fishermen as well.

But it does not mean that tourist cannot enter and enjoy the beach. Even playing around its golden sand with many view of the ships going around are just very beautiful thing to do.

Aside from notably fishing village occasion, the Crow Point is also a centre place for some water sport activities such as jet-ski, kayaking and camping for a better experience one.

If you want a more challenging vacation, try to talk with the locals and join them fishing fish in the middle of the ocean. Indeed, such experience would truly make a true adventure.

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Broadsands Beach

A hidden one, but the most breath-taking one, there is a beach named Broadsands Beach. Even if the beach is quite far from downtown, but spending time and doing some little efforts to arrive at the beach is more recommended as its view is just very beautiful to enjoy.

With its white sandy beach and clear blue crystal water, your eyesight is surely get astonished. In fact, swimming is just the best thing to do at this quiet beach but a more challenging one.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a good skill of swimming. Otherwise, you can just play at the water near the beach to ensure your safety.

The good thing about this beautiful beach is that there are no commercial vendors around its beach. Thus, you need to prepare well and bring your own food and drink in order to enjoy a day at the beach.

It’s especially if you want to have a camping at the beach, it would be more amazing but of course more foods are required. Indeed, this is among best beach in Devon

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Bantham Beach

Right in the northern part of its region, Bantham Beach is a must visit beach destination while travelling to Devon City. In the first place, this beach is known for its pearls while also offering some uniqueness that could be seen on its sand’s form.

In fact, the Bantham Beach is notably a conservation place so that its place is still purely nature and virgin. Other than its beach, its marine beauty is also something to explore. Therefore, snorkelling and diving is recommended to try while visiting the beach.

As a conclusion, Devon beaches are just a gem that you must explore. As most of those beaches are peaceful places to relax at, you can prepare your equipment for camping as it would be a best thing to do. Indeed, you must visit this list of best beach in Devon attractions at least once in your life.