Best Beach in Daman, India Tourist Attractions That Worth to Visit

Beach Tourist Attractions in Daman India
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Daman is a coastal city in Western region of India. Indeed, this city is a gem of tourism as it does not only offer one kind of tourism, otherwise it offers various tourism activities including history, culture and of course, best beach in Daman.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Daman India

Those occasions never fail to attract any visitors to come to Daman. As the city was colonise by the Portuguese, today you can see lots of heritages around the city.

Further, its strong culture is also a thing to be explored. But indeed, its beach vacation is not to miss while travelling in Daman. For your guideline, those are best beaches you must visit in Daman.

best beach in Daman
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Devka Beach

Devka Beach, a beautiful one, has been among very popular beaches around Daman city since long time ago in the past. In fact, Devka Beach is quite unique with its own character of beach vacation.

Unlike any other beaches in Daman that visitor would be able to swim at its water, Devka Beach is a place to enjoy a great day especially an evening for every coming visitor.

Well, this beach is not suited for swimming activity, but the place is just too beautiful with its white sandy beach while also offering very clean water colour.

Around the beach, there are many activities to do other than swimming. In the first place, Devka Beach is known for a really good place for enjoying an evening thanks to its very wonderful golden sunset view.

Of course, enjoying a sunset while grab some beers and drink summer drinks will be a good experience for you. Further, one could also play in its nearer amusement park at the beach area. At all cost, Devka Beach is a must to visit while you travel to Daman.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in Daman
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Jampore Beach

Away from downtown, there is an area that has becomes a gold of tourism of Daman since the past era. Indeed, even if Jampore is located remotely away from downtown of Daman, it offers very great beach vacation and is already become the main destination in the country as well.

If in Devka one cannot swim, then Jampore Beach offers swimming activity at its very mud-coloured water with its white sandy beach as well. Further, its peaceful environment with windy beach as well would also add your enjoyment of your vacation as it’s all the way covered with many trees behind its beach.

Enjoying a day in Jampore Beach should bring you to see its wonderful view of sunset. If you are tired enough playing at the beach, you can go to many restaurant options nearby in order to take some rests and of course, tasting the local culinary.

Indeed, those Indian food restaurants would truly make your vacation unforgettable. In addition, you must be ready with a camera before visiting this beach because there will be lots of moments to take. Indeed, this is among best beach in Daman

Tourist Attractions in Daman India
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Gomatimala is different than any other beaches in Daman. As a matter of the fact, it’s full of rocky beach around its beach instead of sandy one. But although Gomatimala does not offer sandy beach vacation, this beach is beautiful with lots of wonderful moments to take.

From Gomatimala Beach, you can see some part of wide array sea in your eyesight while also some part of Daman land in a distance. The wave is strong especially in windy season. Therefore, relaxing at the beach would be a beautiful thing to do.

The beach is truly a quiet one as there is not much commercial vendors available so that you can get a true relaxation. Lastly, fishing activity is also recommended while visiting this beach.

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Beach Tourist Attractions in India
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Basically Lighthouse beach does not offer an awesome beach vacation just like any other previous beaches told. But instead, it offers historic highlight of a lighthouse with its surrounding buildings.

As the people regard, this lighthouse is among the main tourist destination in Daman as there are many histories to learn. Even until today, the lighthouse is still used in order to manage sea traffic around Daman.

What interested about Lighthouse is that it offers very beautiful and unique architecture. Behind those architectures, there are stories as well especially from Portuguese colonial heritage. Furthermore, the nearby fort is also something to explore.

If you have a chance, go to top of the lighthouse to see beautiful view of Daman coastal side from its high. It’s especially if you come during rainy season that enables sea water to rise higher; the view will even be more beautiful.

At the end of the day, a vacation to Lighthouse does not merely make you amaze with its wonderful thing, but also learning many things from its history.

Beach in Daman India
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The Gold Beach Resort

A beautiful resort, with nice facilities for a summer vacation, the Gold Beach Resort is more than recommended to any visitors in Daman.

In the first place, the Gold Beach Resort has a direct access to a beach which would make its costumer able to enjoy the beach freely.

Other than that, its awesome facilities such as beautiful swimming pool with sea view is also will be the one that attracts any visitors to come. A night staying in the Gold Beach Resort would always worth it.

If you come during peak season, the Gold Beach Resort would get a bit full. Therefore, you will need an advance reservation in order to secure a room at the resort.

But if you come during low season especially when you have a good day, it would be a perfect one. The beach will get less costumers than usual. Well, its price might get a bir more expensive, but surely a vacation it offers is truly beautiful and memorable.

In conclusion, Daman might be a small city with short line of coastal as well. But as its coastal line offers various geographical forms, there are also various character of beaches to explore. Indeed, you must visit those best beach in Daman.