Best Beach in Belize, The Beauty of Central America Tourist Attractions

Best Beach in Belize
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Belize, a former colonial country located right in the middle of Central America, offers too many vacations around its island especially its best beach in Belize.

In fact, tourism in the country is just too many options. What you need to do is that you must choose a wise option while travelling to this heaven of beaches.

Beach Tourist Attractions in Belize

History, culture and nature is just several things to explore while travelling to Belize. But indeed, you cannot miss its beaches as they are just the gem of the island.

In the first place, Belize is just an island that has too many beaches options. Even as options are just too many, you would need to choose wisely to get the best one that you wish.

But indeed, almost all beaches in the country are beautiful. Therefore, those are best beaches based on our recommendation.

Best Beach Tourist attractions in Belize
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Placencia Peninsula

It is fair to say that Placencia Peninsula is one of the best beaches in Belize. This beach is a very peaceful place while also offers very peaceful environment and a less crowded one.

Do not get deterred with its isolated location. When it comes to beach vacation, a more isolated place means better beach vacation on table.

Inded, such occasion is what makes it even a better place to spend at. In addition, Placencia Peninsula is a nice option if you prefer a less crowded beach.

Fun is inevitable in the beach as it would turn any adult into like only a kid who is very happy to spend their time at the beach. If you are tired already after enjoying the beach vacation, you can change your direction to surrounding restaurants around the beach. Indeed, those restaurants are must visit because of its local food taste and its seafood options.

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Beach Tourist attractions in Belize
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Turneffe Atoll

Turneffe Atoll is a different. As a matter of the fact, Turneffe Atoll is a protected area because its nature is actually still very clean and kept very well.

Indeed, travelling to such place would be very exciting as you can see lots of pure nature things. Further, Turneffe Atoll is also known for its mangrove forest.

Surely this will be one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life. At the end of the day, a vacation to Turneffe Atoll will be a very memorable one.

Beach Tourist attraction in Belize
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Hopkins Village Beach

If you look for a beach for surfing activity, Hopkins Village Beach is a nice option. Even this beach is one of the most popular surfing destinations in United States. Therefore, everything around the beach is also all about surfing.

No wonder, it’s because the wave is quite big and sometime it could be a very challenging one to surfer. If you are the one who only wants to learn surfing, then there are too many surf courses available around the beach. Indeed, Hopkins Village Beach is a true summer vacation.

If you come during windy season, then you will find lots of surfers playing around the beach. Even sometimes there are surfing competitions held. Sure, such occasion is the one that makes the beach even a perfect one. Indeed, this is one of best beach in Belize.

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Tourist attractions in Belize
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Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is a true natural vacation. In particular, it’s because this beach has less crowded visitors while on the other hand its environment is also still clean without any influences of modernization.

Most importantly, the beach is also the one that offers very wonderful sea view and beach vacation. I would recommend you to come to this beach during summer because it’s likely when summer festival will be held. Indeed, vacation to this place is a very beautiful experience.

Tourist attraction in Belize
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Caye Caulker

Romantic vacation is a dream of everyone who travels with their couple. If you travel to Belize with your couple, then Caye Caulker is highly recommended for both of you. The ambience, atmosphere and its environment are very romantic that would make up your vacation.

Being able to find one enables your vacation getting even more memorable than you might ever expect. Other than its beauty of Caye Caulker Beach, there are several romantic activities that you can do as well including fine dining experience around many restaurants near the beach.

The location is quite far, but it’s very often that such occasion is the one that a couple look for. In particular, the environment is very peaceful and romantic.

On the other hand, Caye Caulker is also a place for a nightlife activity. During summer, several festivals are usually held at the white sandy beach. Keep in mind to spend holiday in this beach with prepared budget because there will be lots of things that you want to do in Caye Caulker.

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Beauty of Central America Tourist Attractions
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South Water Caye

Probably the most beautiful beach vacation in Belize, South Water Caye is a destination you must visit. In the first place, all things in South Water Caye is very wonderful on every elements of it. As South Water Caye is located in the middle of the sea, you need to ride a boat in order to arrive.

When you arrive, I bet that you would not be able to deny how beautiful the beach is. Moreover, its water is very crystal blue so it would look even more beautiful during your boat ride in South Water Caye.

If you come during low season, South Water Caye is less crowded and is looks like your private beach. Furthermore, South Water Caye is also known as a great place for watching sunset view.

As a conclusion, those beaches would give you what a summer vacation is. Indeed, they are just too great to get visited. Moreover, the country has great facility that makes it very friendly place for visitor.

Even you will never get confuse when travelling around the country. In numbers, actually beaches are many. But those six best beach in Belize are just enough to answer your curiosity of beach .