Best Backpack to Travel Europe 2018, Easing Your Trip Easily

Best Backpack To Travel Europe
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Many people think if they are going for a trip, they will be just fine to pack their essentials in a suitcase. We do hope these many people do not include you.

As suitcase is not the most suitable packing for all kind of trips, it is highly advised for choosing a bag for a certain type of trip. For example, if you want to go for a sightseeing trip in Europe, we have the list of best backpack to travel Europe for you to choose.

At this point if you are still insisting to not consider changing your suitcase into a backpack, we will brief you some reasons. Is your destination Europe as in several countries in Europe? Do you plan to stay in a hotel not for long? Do you plan to hop in one country to another in a short period of time? If the answers of all those questions are yes, then we are right to advice you for looking this list of best backpack to travel across Europe.

Choosing the Right Type of Travel Backpack

So let’s head back a bit to your initial suitcase decision. Why should not you use suitcase to travel across Europe?

  • First, suitcase is big and rigid.
  • Second, the first reasoning makes suitcase hard to maneuver.
  • Third, the second reasoning makes your trip uncomfortable as you are planning to move into a place to another in such short period of time.

Isn’t it easier when you decide to use travel backpack instead of suitcase? Travel backpack comes in various type and all of them are easier to maneuver than suitcase since they are not rigid.

And what if you prefer a rigid bag but still find suitcase is still inconvenient for your preference? Worry not, there are options available of travel backpack with rigid models.

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Type of Travel Backpack

There is no such thing as the best type of travel backpack. Each person has different kind of trip thus they also have different need of a backpack.

If you are on a trip with the purpose of taking photography seriously, you need a backpack suitable for traveling photographer. This way, you will have the right size of compartment in your travel backpack to pack all the necessary equipment.

Size of Travel Backpack

This is one of the most contemplated things by travelers in choosing the right bag between the best backpack to travel Europe with.

Why is that? Because packing essentials is tricky, that’s why. Some people are worried for their essentials can’t be met in the destination of their trips. Thus, they tend to pack too much making their chosen travel backpack overstuffed.

It’s all good when overstuffed backpack has all the things you need but if most of them only there to ease your anxious mind, then we advise you to step back and making list of your plan on what you are doing there for how long.

This will help you to eliminate some of the stuffs in your overstuffed travel backpack. It often happens the stuffs you have packed are not even touched when you arrive.

After you have stepped back and decreased your stuffs to pack because you are anxious-packing, now you can choose the right size of travel backpack.

Choosing the size of travel backpack doesn’t only depends on how many of stuffs you need to pack. You also have to pay attention to the dimension of the backpack and your size in weight and height.

If you happen to choose too big backpack to travel Europe, it can hurt your body all over. Certainly you don’t want end up with sore body in your trip.

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Kelty Redwing 44, Affordable with Quality

Kelty Redwing 44 is famous for its quality with affordable price. So, if you are tight on trip budget, you can add Kelty Redwing 44 into your consideration list.

Although it is cheaper than others, you will be offered with its strong quality as a travel buddy. It offers comfort and various features to use. This quality certainly can rope you into make Kelty Redwing 44 as your best travel backpack for Europe trip companion.

The size of Kelty Redwing 44 is 44L, as it is said on its name. This size is enough if you are a somewhat light packer for a trip.

It provides enough space to stuff your essentials: clothes, footwear, and even gadget. It has straps made of airy material with decent padding making this travel backpack a whole lot lighter and more comfortable to latch on your back.

The design makes it easier for you to organize your stuff inside the bag. It has multiple compartments which includes the small one on its side.

This can be used to stuff your water bottle to prevent you from hydration or stuff other things you want an easy access to.

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Gonex 35L, a Lightweight Travel Buddy

When you prefer to have as light as possible weight latched on your back, then Gonex 35L is your choice. It is made of lightweight material and when folded, it only becomes the size of a sandwich. The lightweight quality of Gonex 35L makes it suited to be used in urban setting trip where you explore a city. You can walk around in a city somewhere in Europe with this lightweight bag and sit in a café when you become tired.

Gonex 35L is best to use for daytrips. Although the material is lightweight, it is a high quality one where it can withstands the weight of your essential stuffed inside. Gonex 53L support your daytrips with its breathable air mesh shoulder straps.

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Osprey Porter, the Compact Front Loading Travel Backpack

Osprey Porter is the best backpack European travel if you want one with a front loading. This bag offers two sizes for your travel needs, 46L and 65L.

Osprey Porter offer the straight jacket compression system feature. It makes this back keeping it compact form for an easy storage during your long flights or train trips.

There are various types of best backpack to travel Europe offered in the market. The key on how to choose the right one is to match your need with the travel backpack choices. We hope you a happy and memorable trip!