The Most Beautiful Places in Malaysia For Honeymoon

Beautiful Places in Malaysia to for honeymoon
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Honeymoon is a very important thing for the couple who just got married. For the honeymoon, surely you would like to choose a wonderful and peaceful place that you can enjoy with your couple.

The more peaceful a place is, the better feeling you get with your couple. During the honeymoon, even the world is like the place that only the two live in that world. And in fact, Malaysia has too many most beautiful places in Malaysia around its tropical land.

most beautiful places in Malaysia
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The Most Beautiful Place in Malaysia

Among the Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia is one of the best in term of honeymoon destination. In particular, there are too many wonderful and peaceful places stretches around Malaysia.

Further, its various cultures also would make your honeymoon time even better. Therefore, those are the beautiful places in Malaysia with names that you can visit in Malaysia for the honeymoon.

beautiful places in Malaysia with names
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Langkawi Island

If you look for beautiful place to visit in Malaysia, then Langkawai should be the first choice. Langkawi, a very wonderful island, is the part of the group of 99. Around the Langkawi Island, there lies a lot of stunning beaches on its coastline.

Around those beautiful islands, you can see the unique crystal water and mangrove forest. This place is a good place for honeymoon because of its beauty and calmness.

You can explore the island with your couple without getting any distraction. At the end of the day, you will feel that this island belong to you and your couple only.

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beautiful place to visit in Malaysia
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Cameron Highlands

If you look for what is the most beautiful place in Malaysia, then come to Cameron Highlands. Going away from beaches, now we go to a higher place called the Cameron Highlands.

Around this amazing highland, you can see too many green places and plantations stretches around this area. Further, among those wonderful tourist attractions are the green forests, lakes, and any other wildlife destinations.

what is the most beautiful place in Malaysia
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Kota Kinabalu

Going to Sabah State, the Kinabalu city is the main destination around the area. Visiting Kota Kinabalu enables you to see a lot of tropical destinations such as rainforests, wildlife, tropical islands and a wonderful mighty Mount Kinabalu.

In fact, Kinabalu is one of the highest mountain in the Asia. Other than natural destinations, exploring the city centre of Kinabalu is also a good thing to do while in Kinabalu. In the first place, there are a lot of landmarks and historic building around the city centre.

For honeymoon in Kinabalu, you can find some great resorts lies around its green tropical lands. Most of the green resorts in Kinabalu are located on a peaceful green place. Kota Kinabalu, most beautiful places in north Malaysia, is worth to visit for honeymoon destination.

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most beautiful places in north Malaysia
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Kuching, a peaceful city located in the Sarawak State, is a very wonderful small city. In this small city, you might not see a lot natural destinations, but there will be historic destinations, landmarks, and interesting local markets.

This city is regarded as one of the best honeymoon destination because it has a lot of beautiful resorts around its city. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia.

descrbeautiful places in Malaysia with description
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Head to the Strait of Malacca, you will find a very wonderful island called Penang Island. In fact, Penang is regarded as the main tourism destination around the Strait of Malacca. Penang is quite unique in term of culture.

In particular, its location in the strait of Malacca near Indonesia makes its culture become a mixture between two culture of Malaysia and Indonesia. Moreover, the city is also influenced a lot by the Islamic culture and history.

Some of the best tourist destinations in Penang are its stunning beaches, the historic George Town, and some other historical landmarks about the British colonialism.

For honeymoon, try a bit unique honeymoon with your couple. In more specific, you can enjoy the culture of Penang and its beauty in some of the best resorts in Penang. As Penang is located on West Malaysia, this is beautiful places in west Malaysia.

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beautiful places in Malaysia for visiting
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Perhentian Islands

Go back to the middle of the ocean, this might be the most beautiful place for honeymoon in Malaysia. Even the local regarded this island as their most favourite destination.

As a matter of the fact, the Perhentian Islands is the home of some of the greatest beaches in Malayisa. Around those beaches, there lies a lot of peaceful resorts that you can choose for your honeymoon destination with your couple.

Furthermore, Perhentian Islands is also unique as it will make you feel far away from modern life. There will be no signal around the island and a lot more things would make you feel that you are in nature. To describe, this is beautiful place in Malaysia essay.

the most beautiful places in Malaysia
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Semporna Malaysia

As we made descrbeautiful places in Malaysia with description, Sempora is one of them. In the Borneo part of Malaysia, there exists a wonderful coast city called the Semporna. If you come to Semporna for honeymoon vacation, then you will have a lot of destinations around the region.

In the first place, the Semporna is the gateway to reach the so called Tun Sakaran Marine Park. This marine park is very wonderful that you can enjoy it with your couple peacefully. Further, you can see a lot of cute turtles around the beaches in Semporna. As it has years of experiences as a tourism city, this town will give you the most memorable honeymoon ever.

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the beautiful places in Malaysia
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Tioman Island

For a romantic honeymoon, you can head to the Tioman Island. The only way to reach this island is to use very for your transportation. If you come for honeymoon, then you can rent a private small boat to reach the island. If so, then you will have a memorable travel with your couple.

After you arrive in the Tioman Island, the romantic resorts you can choose are the Japamala Resort and the Minang Cove Resort. For best experience, you can do island hoping activity around the island. Of course, this is one of the beautiful places in Malaysia for visiting.

beautiful places in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. You might think that a capital city is a very busy city. Then of course, you might also think that a capital city is not a good place for honeymoon.

But if you want a quite unique honeymoon, then Kuala Lumpur is actually a good place for honeymoon destination. There lies a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur that you can visit. Those beautiful are actually romantic.

In conclusion, Malaysia has a lot to offer about beautiful places for honeymoon. Even the destinations are not only beautiful, but also have romantic places and resorts around them. There might be other places for honeymoon in Malaysia, but those most beautiful places in Malaysia for honeymoon is the best.