Beautiful Places in Indonesia you must visit in 2018

beautiful places in Indonesia
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Indonesia, a little piece of heaven in Southeast Asia, is already become the main tourism destination in the 21st century. There are too many reasons to visit Indonesia for vacation. Indonesia is a country rich of cultural diversity.

Even each city in Indonesia has different culture with any other cities in Indonesia. As a matter of the fact, Indonesia is a home to more than 300 ethnic groups which has its own culture and language. Further, this one of the largest countries in the world also contains a lot of wonderful natural destinations around its archipelago.

indonesia tourist destination
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beautiful places in Indonesia

With its landscape as an archipelago, that even makes Indonesia more beautiful place. Indonesia has stunning beaches, lakes, mountains and any other wonder you will not see in any other place. Moreover, as Indonesia only has two seasons, it makes people visit beautiful places in Indonesia easily for the whole year.

Indonesia is a very large country. Thus, if you want to visit Indonesia, you really need to choose what places you will visit on your trip. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot if you choose wrong trip that make you need to travel a bit longer because of its far distance. Therefore, those are beautiful places in Indonesia to visit.

diving in raja ampat
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Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

Raja Ampat is located on West Papua, especially in the eastern of Indonesia. In fact, Raja Ampat is the most favourite tourism destination in Indonesia.

Its beautiful islands stretches around Raja Ampat and its clear blue water make it a really wonderful panorama. But that does not end here. Instead of its wonderful panorama, Raja Ampat actually also has even more wonderful underwater panorama.

Hence, this is the best diving destination in Indonesia and even in Asia. Other than diving, you can just enjoy the beauty of the Raja Ampat by exploring the islands with small ship. Renting a ship to go around Raja Ampat for a few days is the best choice among travellers in Raja Ampat.

komodo island tours
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Komodo Island

Visit this island to see the animals you will not see in any other places. In Komodo Island, there exists a kind of unique animal called Komodo.

Other than Komodo, Komodo Island is also among the most beautiful places in Indonesia. It consists of several islands lies right next to the Flores Island. Around those beautiful islands, there lies very big savannahs and the big Savannah Lontarnya Trees.

Some of the most visited Islands in the area of Komodo Island are the Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island. If you want to see Komodo, then you can go to the Komodo Island and the Rinca Island.

But if you would like to see a very wonderful view around this area, go to the Padar Island. Once you arrived, you even will not realise that you are still on earth.

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mount bromo sunrise tour
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Mount Bromo

To find most beautiful places in Indonesia, then Mount Bromo should the choice. Going to Java Island, one of its most beautiful places is the Mount Bromo.

Bromo is a quite small but an active volcano. The good thing is that you can climb up to the Bromo peak with stairs and you can see directly its volcano from the peak. But there are even more beautiful things that you can see in from the Mount Bromo.

If you come to Mount Bromo at the sunrise time, then you will be able to see a very amazing view of some big mountains in East Java. In order to visit Bromo, you must rent a jeep to reach the Mount Bromo area.

hidden paradise in indonesia
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Dieng Plateau

Still on the Java Island, Dieng Plateau would come on top when talk about the most beautiful places in Indonesia. As a matter of the fact, Dieng Plateau was the result of the Mount Prau eruption in the past.

Around this wonderful plateau, you can see a lot of wonderful places beneath around its highland. Among those wonderful places is the ancient Hindu temple, a hot spring, and a wonderful multicolour lake. From Dieng Plateau, you can see wonderful clouds flying below you.

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bali points of interest
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Among the most beautiful places in Indonesia, Bali is the main choice. Bali is a quite big island located right next to the Java Island. Bali is a home of many natural wonder and culture of Indonesia.

For tourism destination, Bali has been named as the most beautiful island in the world for several times. Thus, you should not doubt to visit Bali for your vacation destination.

Around the Bali Island, you can enjoy its wonderful beaches, mountains, green plantations and of course, a lot of cultural activities.

mount rinjani trekking
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If you are the one who love trekking activity, then Rinjani should be your destination while travelling in Indonesia. To visit Rinjani, summer is the best choice of time.

It is actually a very wonderful mountain that has a very wide lake on its top of the mountain. This beautiful lake was form after the mountain eruption a long time ago.

Once you arrive on its peak, you will soon realise that the world is a very wonderful place to stay. Indeed, Rinjani is the best among the list of beautiful places in Indonesia.

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ijen tour
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Ijen Mountain

For the mountain, your next destination should be the Ijen Mountain. In Ijen Mountain, there lies a very wonderful blue lake. This lake is very unique as it has a very clear blue colour of its water.

Moreover, if you visit his mountain in the night, then you will be able to see a unique light that comes from the lake’s water. Other than that, its golden sunrise is also among the best in the Southeast Asia.

In the end, Indonesia even has more beautiful places than you ever think. But those list of the most beautiful places in Indonesia is really the best destination in Indonesia.

As Indonesia is a tropical archipelago, Indonesia has only two seasons. Thus, you can visit Indonesia for the year round. But if you would like to visit mountains in Indonesia, then summer time is the best time to visit that beautiful country.