Beautiful Place in Bali, Place That You Must Visit in Holidays

beautiful place in Bali
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Bali, an island in Indonesia, is a very wonderful island. Bali has been known as the main tourism destination in Southeast Asia. No wonder, it is because Bali has a lot of tourist attractions around its island.

Almost all the things visitor wanted are available in Bali. It’s starting from the beauty of Mount Agung, its stunning beaches, mountainous, lakes, and the most important, its cultural diversity. Bali is a part of Indonesia.

what is the most beautiful place in Bali
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Beautiful Attraction In Bali Indonesia

Bali culture is heavily influence by Indonesian culture and the history of Majapahit Kingdom. At the end of the day, visiting beautiful place in Bali will make your vacation time more priceless than ever.

To visit Bali, you must know what destinations you will choose during your vacation time. As Bali has too many tourism destinations, you can choose only its best places. This can be done especially if you only have limited time of travelling in Bali. So, what is the most beautiful place in Bali?

beautiful place of Bali
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Uluwatu Temple

Bali is not only an island rich of natural attractions and culture, but also history. To visit the best historic place in Bali, you should visit the Uluwatu Temple.

This temple is a bit unique rather than any other temple in Indonesia. In particular, it is because the Uluwatu Temple is located right in the beach of Bali. In Uluwatu Temple, you can see how Bali culture is still kept even until today.

Other than culture and history, Uluwatu Temple also offers very wonderful view from where it stands. As this is a beach temple, here you can catch a very wonderful golden sunset. As a matter of the fact, the Uluwatu Temple is one of the best places to see sunset in Bali. Moreover, Uluwatu is regarded as beautiful place of Bali.

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beautiful natural places in Bali
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Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Here we go to Ubud. In Ubud, Bali, you can see a very wonderful view of its Tegallalang Rice Terrace. In this area, there lie very wide arrays of Rice Terrace along the way.

Visiting this place enable you to have very relaxing vacation. Around this area, there actually available many beautiful green resorts that you can choose for place to stay. Most of those resorts are actually very luxurious resorts.

Other than nature, you can visit the market and stores around the area of Tegallalang Rice Terrace. In those shopping area, there are many art shops that you can buy a lot variety of Bali souvenir. Indeed, this is a beautiful natural places in Bali.

beautiful places around Bali
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Ubud Monkey Forest

One more beautiful place in Bali in Ubud is the Ubud Monkey Forest. Still in Ubud, Ubud Monkey Forest is among the most visited places in Bali. Even if you come to that place on the weekend there will be very crowded.

For the locals, those monkeys on the Ubud Monkey Forest are sacred. Therefore, there are a lot of spiritual and cultural activities around the area. Even in certain times, cultural events are held in this very wonderful forest.

Furthermore, there lies an ancient temple in the Ubud Monkey Forest. Moreover, this temple is probably the heritage of the spiritual activities around this so called sacred area. If you are looking for many beautiful places around Bali, then Ubud is the answer.

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beautiful places in Bali to visit
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Bali Safari and Marine Park

For some, this might be one of the beautiful places in Bali to visit . If you have a lot of time travelling to Bali, then visiting the Bali Safari and Marine Park is really recommended. In fact, it is not even enough to explore this wonderful safari for a few hours.

For best experience, you should visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park since it is open in the morning. Most importantly, it is because this safari really has a lot to offer around its wonderful park.

Unlike any other safari in Indonesia, you will not see the animal trapped inside the cage. Otherwise, you will go around the Bali Safari and Marine Park with the safari car and see the animal walk freely around you. Further, if you go to this safari park with your kids, you can bring them to play in its wonderful waterpark.

For a more wonderful experience in this place, you can stay on its hotel near the safari called the Mara River Safari Lodge. As a matter of the fact, the Mara River Safari Lodge is actually the most unique hotel in Bali Island. From this 4 star lodge, you can see directly a lot of wild animals walking freely around the lodge. Moreover, its dining place is also very romantic and unique. Of course, this is the most beautiful place to stay in Bali.

beautiful place in Bali Indonesia
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Tanah Lot Temple

Other than Uluwatu Temple, there is one more wonderful sea temple located in Bali. This sea temple is called as Tanah Lot Temple. Visiting Tanah Lot enables you to see a very wonderful temple around the calm water of its sea water.

Uniquely, this temple lies right on a very big rock. Thus, no wonder why Tanah Lot is regarded as beautiful place in Bali Indonesia. The best time to visit the Tanah Lot Temple is on the evening as you will see very wonderful sunset view from the temple’s location.

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nice place in Kuta Bali
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Kuta Beach

Before that number, we did not talk a lot about beaches. You might wonder, because everybody must say that Bali is all about beach vacation. Then the best beach to visit in Bali is the Kuta Beach.

Enjoy the feeling of beach party in Kuta Beach on the night. There are various places to do beach party around the Kuta Beach from the most luxurious place up to a budget place. There are a lot of nice place in Kuta Bali.

hidden beautiful place in Bali
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Mount Batur

If you would love to find a hidden beautiful place in Bali, then come to Mount Batur. Away from beaches and coastline of Bali, Mount Batur is a highly recommended place to visit in Bali.

This mount is very wonderful as people including locals and foreigners really love to hike the mountain. In fact, Mount Batur is among the best mountains in Indonesia in term of sightseeing. Catch the sunrise from its peak for best experience.

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nice place in Seminyak Bali
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Bored with natural attractions? Then come to Seminyak region of Bali. Seminyak is actually a part of Denpasar city that you can find a lot places to stay around its region.

Further, a lot of great local foods, stores and many other cities related activities are available in Seminyak. And if you would like to find a place to party other than Kuta Beach, then you also come to Seminyak. There are a lot nice place in Seminyak Bali.

At the end of the day, Bali is an island everybody would love. Exploring the whole beautiful place in Bali does not need a short time.

Otherwise, even a year is not enough for you to get satisfied with Bali tourism. No wonder why people really love to visit Bali so much. Moreover, its only two seasons island make Bali can be visited the whole year round.