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Indonesian archipelago contains a lot of outstanding natural destinations throughout its island. There is even no part of Indonesia that is bad in term of natural destinations.

Even some part of Indonesia is the best travel destination in Asia, including a city called Bandung. Bandung, a city in West Java, contains too many tourist attractions start from natural attractions up to the modern tourist attractions.

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Best Bandung Attractions to Visit

Further, Bandung is also a city rich of Indonesian culture and culinary. No wonder that millions of visitors visit Bandung for vacation every year to visit tourist attractions in Bandung.

In order to explore Bandung, first you need to know what tourist attractions in Bandung are. Hence, you will be able to arrange a travelling plan during your trip in Bandung. Therefore, we have listed some of the best tourist attractions of Bandung that you can visit.

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Sapu lidi Sawah Café, Resort and Gallery

Bandung is a city has various tourist destinations. And if you are the one who love nature, then you should choose the Sapuldi Sawah Café, Resort and Gallery for your staying place while visiting Bandung.

This is a very green resort. And as a matter of the fact, each building of this resort has very unique architecture that related to Indonesian culture. This place is actually the best place for romantic vacation in Bandung. For some, this tourist attraction in Bandung Indonesia is really good to enjoy.

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Tebing Gunung Hawu

For an adrenaline tourist attractions, then the place you should visit is the Tebing Gunung Hawu. In fact, this is the most favourite place for the local to do climbing activity.

In this wonderful small mountain, you can see the wonderful view of sunrise from its top. There are several adrenaline activities that you can do in this wonderful mountain.

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Perkebunan Teh Dewata

Next, we will head to a green tourist attraction again. This time we will introduce you a tourist attraction called the Perkebunan teh Dewata.

This tourist attraction is very wonderful with its tea farm surrounding by the mountains. Further, you can do tea tasting activity in this wonderful tea farm. There is no better way of drinking tea rather than drinking tea directly in its tea plantation.

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Grafika Wisata Cikole

Grafika Wisata Cikole is located right on the side of Lembang Mountain. It is a very wonderful place with a lot of pine trees.

Around those pine trees, you can relax and enjoy its greenness accompanied with a glass of coffee or tea. Moreover, there are also several tourist activities that you can do around this wonderful garden. This is the most famous tourist attractions in Bandung.

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Kota Mini Lembang

Lembang, a small city in the suburb of Bandung, is a very wonderful tourist destination that is really green. This tourist attraction called the Kota Mini Lembang is very unique.

There will be a lot of unique building around the area of this small city. Even most of those building are used for shooting places for some of the most famous movies in Indonesia.

The Kota Mini Lembang is a tourist attraction for family vacation. For best experience, you can take a family photo in this wonderful area. The good thing is that you can choose many kind of costumes for your family picture. This is actually the top tourist attractions in Bandung.

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Chinatown Bandung

Chinatown is always an interesting destination that exists in almost every city in the whole part of the world. In Indonesia, Chinatown Bandung is one of the biggest Chinatown in Indonesia.

Therefore, it must be great to be able to explore this beautiful Chinatown. Around Chinatown Bandung, you can visit some of the Chinese stores to buy souvenir from this area. Further, Chinese food in this Chinatown is also known as the best Chinese food destination in the country.

As a matter of the fact, Bandung Chinatown is very unique because it is a modern one unlike any other Chinatown in Indonesia. This tourist attraction at Bandung is actually very famous among the locals.

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Goa Pawon and Padalarang Stone Garden

You must usually see corals inside the sea or on beaches, otherwise you would not find them in the land. But in this place called Padalarang Stone Garden, you can find the corals in the top of the mountain. This is a very unique natural occasion of Indonesia.

According to scientists, this place was the ancient lake that turned out to be a mountain as we see today. Moreover, you also will see the ancient shells around the stones. Visit this if you really love history. If you are look for tourist attraction in Bandung, then this place is one of the best.

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Rainbow Garden Lembang

You might already see this kind a garden in Netherland, but actually Bandung also has one of them. Visiting this wonderful Rainbow Garden Lembang enable you to see a lot kind of Indonesian flowers. Other than seeing flowers, you also will be able to buy those beautiful flowers directly. This is a really nice place for taking photograph.

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Tafso Barn

When you travel to Bandung, you must want to find a good place to eat as well. Thus, Tafso Barn is a recommended place for your eating place in Bandung. Most importantly, it is because Tafso Barn is a very unique restaurant with a lot of green view surrounding the restaurant.

There are a lot of food choices in this restaurant. In fact, the food is not only Indonesian food, but also western food and Japanese food are available in this wonderful restaurant.

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Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is a very wonderful lake located on mountains place. This lake is unique because it has white coloured lake. Actually, this lake is also a legend lake for the locals.

The locals believe that this lake was mystical in the area. But this was stop until a scientist tried to explore the area and then he found this beautiful lake and named this lake as Kawah Putih.

Bandung has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. As a matter of the fact, there still a lot of tourist attractions existed in Bandung. But surely, those 10 tourist attractions in Bandung are the best in the city. Hence, keep in mind that those places should be on your next bucket list anytime soon.