Backpacking Indonesia, Enjoy Hidden Indonesia With Your Own Way

backpacking Indonesia
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Backpacking Indonesia, a very large archipelago in Southeast Asia, has outstanding terrains around its wonderful archipelago. Indonesia has become the major tourism destination in Southeast Asia recently.

No wonder, this country called Indonesia has a lot to offer around its tropical land and sea. As a matter of the fact, Indonesia is regarded as one of the countries that has the biggest islands in numbers.

backpackers Bali
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Backpacking in Indonesia

Even the islands around Indonesia reach more than 7,000 islands. In the first place, each island in Indonesia has its own beauty. Moreover, backpacking Indonesia is very easy as the country offers very cheap accommodation. The transportation to go around Indonesia from city to city is also very low in term of budget.

You might think that Indonesia is all about outstanding nature tourism destination. But in fact, Indonesia is a country that has rich kinds of cultures.

The cultural diversity of Indonesia is so reach that each region has its own culture. Furthermore, the ethnics in Indonesia also reach more than 200 ethnics groups.

Hence, backpacking Indonesia will be so much interesting. So, What places to visit in Indonesia?

backpacking in Bali
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Bali has played the main role on introducing Indonesia tourism in a healthy light. As a matter of the fact, Bali is the most visited tourism destination in Indonesia. No wonder Bali got that kind of recognition.

In the first place, Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. It’s starting from its wonderful terrains as an island. Along the island, the mountains, stunning beaches, waterfalls, and culture make Bali a lot more interesting rather than any other destination in Southeast Asia.

As Indonesia is a country rich of cultural diversity, Bali is one of the places to see the most of the cultures in Indonesia. As backpackers Bali, you will the answer why Bali is so good.

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backpack accommodation
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So, how about the accommodation in Bali?

For backpacking, backpacking in Bali might have no great public transportation system. But surely you can rent a motorcycle on a very cheap price. In particular, the motorcycle renting price in Bali is around $5 – $7 a day.

Moreover, the fuel price is also very low that it is only need to pay around $2 to get full tank. If you want to find another alternative, I would not recommend you to get the standard taxi. It’s because go-car and go-jek is a cheaper alternative for public transportation.

Once you arrive in Bali, a backpacker must want to find backpack accommodation to stay. Unlike any other cities in Indonesia, Bali’s accommodation prices are quite lower.

You can spend around $20 and you already have a very good hotel to stay. But if you want the cheaper one, you can stay in the Kuta and Seminyak area. Around the areas, you can find a lot of budget hotels and hostels.

backpacking Central Java Indonesia
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Java Island

At the first time you arrive in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, you must see that the city is very crowded and chaotic. But the thing you need to know is that, there are lots of great places to visit in Java Island rather than Jakarta.

Leave Jakarta behind, backpacking Indonesia most of the Java Island and you will realise that this island has a lot to offer. If you have visited some other islands in Indonesia, Java Island might be a bit more crowded for you because the development of Indonesia is concentrated on this island. But as a matter of the fact, Java is the paradise you got to explore.

On your first visit in Java, Yogyakarta should be your destination. This is city is actually a cultural hub of Indonesia. Thus, if you are interested to learn a lot about culture, then you can visit this city. Further, Yogyakarta is also a great stop to visit the world’s wonder called Borobudur Temple.

This ancient temple has been the major destination of the country for years. Head to the Eastern of Java, you can find a lot more beautiful places. Mount Ijen, Mount Bromo and Semeru National Park should be on your bucket list as well.

To go around the cities to cities in Java Island, you can go whether with plane or bus. Bus is actually quite cheaper, but of course it could take longer time.

To go around the city, motorcycle is also a good option around the cities in Java. But surely there is the local bus that you can take to explore the city. In fact, the taxi prices are also quite low in those cities. In Java, backpacking Indonesia budget will be a lot easier.

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backpacking Raja Ampat Indonesia
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Eastern of Indonesia

For natural destination, the Eastern of Indonesia has a lot more to offer. The eastern part of Indonesia is actually more archipelago rather than central or western part of Indonesia.

To go from island to island in the Eastern Indonesia, you can choose plane or ship. For a cheaper price backpacking Indonesia, ship is a better choice because it could be a lot cheaper.

Moreover, ship offers more interesting experience. If you are from backpacking Bali Indonesia, then you should go with ship to eastern part of Indonesia.

Among the best tourism destinations in Eastern Indonesia, there are Lombok Island, the Wakatobi in Sulawesi, Komodo Island, Flores Island and of course, the famous Raja Ampat in Papua.

In the first place, those islands offers its own beauty that you may never see anywhere else the world. Raja Ampat is must visit destination as it is one of the best world’s diving destination.

backpacking kalimantan Indonesia
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Kalimantan or Borneo Island

On the northern part of Java, there lies Borneo Island that contains a lot of unexplored tropical forest. Unlike any other places in Indonesia, Borneo is actually a more challenging destination.

It can be true as there are lots of badly maintained roads around the island. Further, it’s also hard to find public transportation to explore the island. Most of the tourism are hide within the rainforest. Thus, if you want more adventure, then Borneo would be a good destination for you.

Backpacking Indonesia is always a very interesting experience. You will not only see wonderful natures in Indonesia, but also learn a lot from the culture and history of Indonesia.

This archipelago is often called as paradise. No wonder, the country is very friendly for tourism. It is an unfortunate to not including Indonesia as your tourism destination.