Backpackers Singapore Need to Know About This Things

Backpackers Singapore
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Singapore, a city state in Southeast Asia, is a very prosperous that is good for travel destination. Unlike any other countries in the Southeast Asian region, Singapore is a very developed city, modern, clean and of course, very organized.

Around the Singapore, you will see a lot of skyscrapers building around its city state. No wonder, Singapore is actually city state that becomes the centre for international finance.

Moreover, its location in the hub of the international shipping lane makes it a very highly developed city state. As this fact, you might think that Singapore is a very expensive city. But as a matter of the fact, there is a lot of way to travel to Singapore as Backpackers Singapore.

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Backpacking in Singapore

Exploring the city state of Singapore enables you to see a lot of various things. Other than its modern and highly developed tourist attractions, Singapore also offers many great sights of the nature especially the beautiful sights of its bay.

Singapore is also a good place to begin your Southeast Asian trip as its airport has a lot of international flights. Moreover, the bus choice to explore other countries in Southeast Asia also makes it easier.

You might always see a lot of luxurious things while travelling to Singapore. But actually around the Singapore, there are a lot of cheap hotels and hostels for staying on a budget.

Furthermore, the public transportation system of the Singapore also supports visitors to do so. Keep reading this article about the Backpackers Singapore travel guide.

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Places to stay in Singapore

Not having a lot of money does not mean that you will not be able to explore Singapore. Wisdom says, if there is a will then there is a way. Well, that can be true in Singapore. Around the city state of Singapore, options of backpackers hotel Singapore to stay are even much more than any other cities in its surrounding countries.

As a matter of the fact, there are certain areas in Singapore that has most budget Singapore hostels for students around its area. Our first recommendation would be the area of the Singapore Chinatown.

The Chinatown has it all when it comes to talk about budget hotels. The Chinatown is not only a place to find budget hotels, but also is a strategic place for tourism destination. If you stay in the Chinatown, you can just walk to stroll down to downtown of Singapore. It is actually only 1km away from the Clarke Quay and 2 km away from the marina bay.

Next, the recommendation would be the area of the Geylang and Little India city. As the home place of most great Indian foods, this place also contains a lot of cheaper Singapore backpackers hostel around its area.

The Geylang, often called as the unofficial food capital of the Singapore, also offers even cheaper hotels than any other area in Singapore. The area is not that bad as you might think, because you can find a lot of great food easily in this fancy area.

If you would like to find cheaper place than cheap hostel singapore, then you can go to dorms. In the dormitory, you can just rent a bed for stay on several nights. In fact, the price is only about $15 a night on average. Hence, it’s no need for you to worry about place to stay while travelling to Singapore as Singapore backpackers.

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Exploring Singapore city-state

To explore the city state of Singapore, a lot of options are available. First, you can explore the city with taxy. Well, that might be more expensive rather than any other transportation, but it is quite affordable tough and of course, very well controlled. To go around the city, you can spend only around $4 – $6 using taxis.

For public transportation, bus and MRT are available. In fact, the bus and MRT system are highly good that is very easy to use. MRT is quite cheaper rather than any other public transportation in Singapore.

Moreover, the MRT of Singapore are well organized, on time and of course, very clean. Bus option is also available if you want to visit certain areas that are not reachable through MRT. Travelling as backpackers Singapore Clarke Quay is really good one with MRT.

Well, after talking about ways to explore and stay in Singapore with limited budget, now we can stroll to what to visit in Singapore. As a modern city, most of the tourist attractions in Singapore are all about modern ones.

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Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a must visited place while travelling to Singapore. Singaporean often says that you have not visited Singapore if you did not visit the Marina Bay.

Whether you come to Marina Bay in daytime or in the night, it always offers its wonderful view. Near the Marina Bay, the Gardens is also a nice one to visit. This garden is actually really interesting to visit as it is the mixture of nature and modern development.

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Chinatown is also the places you cannot miss. As an international city, Singapore is a home to a lot of great food from anywhere in the world. Among the most famous foods in Singapore, the Chinese food and Indian food comes on top.

No wonder, because those foods are really tasty. To get the Chinese food, backpackers Singapore Chinatown are a good destination even if Chinese foods are actually available anywhere in the city state.

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Little India

For shopping some souvenir, Little India is a great one to visit. This place is more likely to get crowded on the weekend as most of the Singaporeans would come to this place for their weekly shopping. Other than shops, stroll to some of the temples around the street of the Little India is also a worth one to do.

At the end of the day, travelling to Singapore as backpackers Singapore is an easy thing to do. Even if the city is mostly about luxurious thingy, but surely Singapore offer a lot about backpacking. Of course, exploring Singapore will be very memorable throughout your life.