The 5 Top Rated Atlanta Tourist Attractions

Atlanta tourist attractions
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All respects the principal center of the American South, Atlanta tourist attractions lies in the foreland of the southern foothills of the Piedmont Plateau between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic.

It is an important commercial town that offers a lot of entertainment. Atlanta becomes developing of economic and cultural center in the American southeast.

Top Rated Atlanta Tourist Attractions

Atlanta has also an important hub of air traffic. Moreover, it is central to internationally famed business. Those visiting Atlanta should not expect to find a romantic southern city.

But, rather a large and vibrant American city with southern charm. There are lots of things to see and do in Atlanta. You can visit the Georgia Aquarium and numerous museums.

Did you know what the oldest cities in the US? Atlanta includes one of the oldest cities In the US. Once a hub of old-world property and the Old South.

Atlanta has become the major of traditions with sleek modernism. If you trip to Atlanta, it is the best place to visit the manner and cuisine made famous in films. However, it is also home to three skylines, a burgeoning music industry, and a flourishing downtown.

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best tourist attractions in Atlanta Georgia
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Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Because it was the largest in the world. The kinds of especially notable species can be found here, including beluga whales and manta rays. This aquarium is one of the best tourist attractions in Atlanta Georgia.

Georgia Aquarium is the only location outside of Asia where a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, can be seen here. That sea animal is divided into five ecoregions, including tropical trees, open ocean, arctic waters, freshwater rivers and large marine animals.

It becomes a part of a conservation project in Atlanta. The aquarium has been working on a captive beluga whale breeding program.

free tourist attractions in Atlanta
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World of Coca-Cola

Dr. John Pemberton devised a syrup designed to relieve headaches in 1886. A friend of his mixed the glutinous liquid with water and carbonic acid, and the result of the mixture soon is the world’s most popular soft drink. It means that Coca-Cola illustrates the history and triumphal progress of the world-popular drink.

This place is famous in international tourist, so it becomes the popular place destination to taste the Coca-Cola. One of free tourist attractions in Atlanta is World of  Coca-Cola.

A new museum was revamped and relocated in 2007 to house a larger collection of company paraphernalia. In addition, it is one of the biggest draws here is the updated tasting room that not only allows guests to discover the preferred formula version from different parts of the world.

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top tourist attractions in Atlanta
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CNN Centre

CNN is one of the top tourist attractions in Atlanta. It becomes the world’s best-known news franchise deserves a headquarters just as spectacular.

It is the center of CNN definitely delivers. The center connects to a large food court atrium, Centennial Olympic Park, Phillips Arena, the Georgia Dome, and the Georgia Conference Centre.

You can take the studio tours which include demonstrations of the technology used and visits to viewing galleries of CNN. There is a large, attached hotel where guests can stay, especially those hoping to get a sneak peek at their favorite newscaster or special guest to the studios.

tourist attractions between Nashville and Atlanta
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Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre is a Morish architecture Shrine Temple. Amazingly develope as a lavish movie theatre, great recommendation for movie theatre when you visiting Atlanta.

It later became performing arts and continues to host the Atlanta Ballet, traveling Broadway events, and some music concerts. The theatre provides the comfortable seats and the large stage for entertainment.

This place is a draw even for those who do not want to see a show, as the combined Egyptian and Islamic architecture creates a spectacle that is worth taking a tour.

The theatre also looks like an Arabian courtyard, complete with twinkling crystal sky. You can see ballroom designed after the temple of Ramses II, and the mezzanine for the woman’s restroom has King Tut’s throne and little sphinxes inside it.

Fox Theatre is a unique place to go. The condition in the theatre is calm and joyful.

If you like to take the tour, the tour guide will take you to Marthin Luther King Jr.Historic Site. The buildings include the boyhood home of this civil rights leader, as well s the church where his father, and;after King himself first came to preach.

Another best place to visit:

tourist attractions between Atlanta and Washington Dc
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Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain parks are always full of traveler and visitor. huge monolith in Metro Atlanta is the other name of Stone Mountain Park. The base-relief on the mountain’s north face is the biggest in the world.

It features a spectacular called the Confederate Memorial Carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E.Lee, and General Thomas J.  Stonewall Jackson.

It has top rises 825 feet (252 feet) above the surrounding area provides a beautiful view of Atlanta. Are you looking tourist attractions between Nashville and Atlanta? You can choose the best travel destination like this wonderfull stone.

You can visit another tourist attraction near here, that is an artificial lake on which there are paddle-steamer cruises.

Other features are a museum devoted to the early days of industrialization in Atlanta, a Civil War Museums, and a restored antebellum plantation. Well, there will be many options to visit the best place Atlanta tourist attractions.

That is 5 top rate place destination in Atlanta. How many days you will stay in Atlanta?  By the beautiful places such as parks, museums, street art, and others Atlanta will not make you boring.

The accessible of the city can be just five minutes from your hotel. There will be the affordable hotel to stay in Atlanta. It is not only one the best city to visit South America.

You can find also tourist attractions between Atlanta and Washington Dc. Check this out to find the best hotel, restaurant, nightlife place and much more.