5 Dream Destinations That Have Seen an Increase in Tourism Due to TV Shows

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5 Dream Destinations That Have Seen an Increase in Tourism Due to TV Shows

It’s not uncommon for fans of TV shows to flock to locations featured on-screen, as visiting these places allow them to imagine themselves to be in the world of their favorite series. More often than not, it’s a welcome trend, especially given the effect it has on the tourism sector of the destination.

If you’re a TV show enthusiast, keep some of the places listed below in mind when planning a trip. Do you recognize these destinations?

1. Downtown Senoia in The Walking Dead

Fans of the widely popular post-apocalyptic, zombie-themed TV show will immediately recognize the city of Senoia, because it served as the town of Woodbury where The Governor resided. In reality, Senoia is a beautiful, cozy area known for its southern charm. Visitors can stay in The Veranda Historic Bed & and Breakfast Inn, which is a Greek Revival mansion. For food, you can enjoy treats at Oh Chocolate or Senoia Coffee & Cafe, or have a hearty meal at the Southern Country Steakhouse.

2. Glasgow Cathedral in Outlander


Glasgow Cathedral’s tourism rose by over 30% in 2017, due to the hit drama series Outlander. The Cathedral was used to portray the interiors of the show’s L’Hopital des Anges, where Claire volunteers to work. The place was established in 1197 and is owned by the Church of Scotland. The tomb of Saint Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow, can be found in the Cathedral’s lower crypt.

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3. Rosenheim Mansion in American Horror Story

Season 1 of American Horror Story centered around a “Murder House”. The real house in question is the Rosenheim Mansion in Olympic Park, which was built in 1908. Because of its popularity, the recent owners of the mansion sued the brokers for failing to disclose the house’s connection to the show. The Real Deal iterated that the owners would get weekly visits from fans, which they deemed to be a nuisance. Some fans even broke into the house to get a good look of the place. If you want to see the “Murder House” in person, it’s best just admire from afar and respect the owners’ property, unless you were able to get permission to tour inside.

4. Tollymore Forest Park in Game of Thrones

Many people consider HBO’s Game of Thrones as the hottest TV series today, and Northern Ireland’s Tollymore Forest Park is among the beautiful destinations that it featured. It’s a 1,600-acre green space filled mostly with natural features, such as rivers, streams, and a view of the mountains. Thanks to the show, the Park has enjoyed a substantial increase in tourists.

It’s also a great place for dog owners, as it has trails and lots of spaces for running around. In fact, it was chosen to be the setting to introduce some of the most adored characters in GoT – the Direwolves. Tollymore stood in as the place where the Stark family found the pups. The show’s Direwolves have garnered massive attention, so much so that many of the public wanted their own. Entertainment Daily claim that many Game of Thrones fans have begun adopting Huskies, because they bear a striking resemblance to the series’ onscreen canines. Fans can reminisce the exact scene when Ned Stark found the pups by bringing their own Husky to the scenic park! Nonetheless, even if you’re visiting by yourself or with friends, the Park’s natural beauty will not disappoint.

5. Highclere Castle in Downton Abbey


Highclere Castle stood in as the home of the Crawley family in the British TV series Downton Abbey. This is actually similar to its role in real life, as the 5,000-acre estate is the country seat of the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, which is a branch of the Herbert family. The complex has been featured in movies and TV shows as early as the 1980’s, but it was Downton Abbey that elevated Highclere Castle to global fame. The area around it is even referred to as “Downtonia”. In an interview, the Earl’s wife Fiona shared how Downton Abbey changed their lives, mentioning that life at the castle during filming felt surreal. When not being used for filming, the Castle holds tours and educational trips for visitors.