10 Best Places To Visit In South America

best places to visit in South America
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There are a lot of best places to visit in South America. As people know that South America is the superlatives continent which has highest, driest, and largest countries. From Caracas to Tierra de’l Fuego, you can find superlative galore. In addition, there will be more interesting countries to visit.

Well conserved Pantanal beach in Brazil is special for those who are an environmentalist. Big cities for shoppingholic can visit famous boutiques in Rio Janeirio. While you can also visit lots cities of ancient.

10 Best Places To Visit In South America

In South America is one of the best travel zone for many travelers around the world. Explore many things here and enjoy your long vacation. Moreover amazing and exotic scenery is everywhere. You can also find various cuisine which can satisfy your taste. Here are ten best places to visit In South America.

The most popular rainforest in South America
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Amazon Rainforest

The most popular rainforest in South America to visit is Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is one of awesome piece of real estate. The number of tree is uncountable. But it is more than 390 billion kinds of tree still kept with all pure ecosystem. Amazon is known as world’s largest tropical rainforest.

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best historical place to visit in South America
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Salvador Brazil

It is the best historical place to visit in South America. Salvador de Bahia is known also as Salvador. Historical buildings are founded belongs to Portuguese specifically Oldest Colonial in 1548. You will see its rich past in Pleourinsho. It is the historic  centre of slavery that was beaten.

African Heritage can be found in the local culture today. When you have long day trip in Salvador, you can find many restaurants which offer special menu; Salvador cuisine. It is very recommended foe you. The annual food carnaval attracts tourist to travel to Salvador. Because it has become world’s largest party.

Southernmost city in the world
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If you like to visit best place near water, Ushuaia should be on your bucket list. The Southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia can bring you to the unusual places. From east to south area, it is known last city or world ends. The scenery includes the most beautiful south city in Argentina. The weather is unique when you visit here. It is not windy or cloudy. Moreover, it is good places to see penguins, orca whales and seals.

Best coastal place to visit in South America
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Rio de Janeiro

Best coastal place to visit in South America is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Visit bossa nova and copacabana beach, and find the most famous landmark, such as Christ the Redeemer Statue. It sits a top Corcovado mountain. Best post for instagram is here. Take some nice pictures by your camera.

The girls from Ipanema are talented to dance Samba. Samba is original culture in Argentina. So,  want to dance Samba, come to close to the girls. In addition, you can enjoy the soccer annual championship in Marracane. It is the largest soccer stadium in  world.

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Glimpse of prehistoric animals in Galapagos island
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Galapagos Island Ecuador

Get a Glimpse of prehistoric animals in Galapagos island. The animals that live here are giant tortoises and scary looking iguanas. The best picture can you get from volcanoes background. The island can challenge you how you survive in the wildlife here.

Best countries to visit in South America
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Iguazu Falls

Brazil and Argentina are both known as most wonderful country in the world. Best countries to visit in South America, one of them in Brazil. Iguazu Falls is one of the most favourite place destination by people around the world. It is thee largest waterfalls system which has 275 waterfalls of various size. High rock and hard terrain,  it is not easy to get down the water falls. The visitor is not allowed to go down alone. The water is hard and could cause death.

cheapest places to visit in south American
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Buenos Aires Argentina

Located on the Rio de la plata in Argentina coast, it is one of cheapest places to visit in south American. American always spend the short holiday, and come to watch the Summer Carnaval. As we know that Argentina has the greatest soccer club, so it is best place to get soccer course. It is not only cheapest for cost of living, but also this city is affordable for retirement. There are about 17 million people and it is also rich in culture life.

Need to prepared:

Torres Del Paine National Park
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Torres Del Paine National Park

Located on Chilean Patagonia, Torres Del Paine National Park is one of Chile’s largest and most visited park  you can find the spectacular scenery here. The mountain is surrounding around The blue water and make very pretty landscape. Perfect and exotic background to have some pre wedding pictures here. More than 100 tourist per day visit this area.

primitive statues carved by early Polynesia
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Easter Island

Visit Ester Island to know 900 primitive statues carved by early Polynesia. Moai is tha name of the statue. The age of the statues has reached about 1.000 years old. Sollidated volcanic ash, it is the base material for all the statues.

favourite place destination to visit in south America
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Machu Picchu

Where is the location of Machu Picchu? Exactly right it is in Peru. It becomes world’s favourite place destination to visit in south America. It is a magnificent representation of Inca civilization before Spanish came. The history of this place is unknown before. But people around here believe this place to find Gods trough ceremonial. So, it could be scary journey to explore this area.

Machu Picchu is the place for emperor long time ago. It is a Peruvian Andes where it was as the site for religious ceremonies. The ceremonies must sacrifice human that meat to appease the gods. The Spanish did not touch this place for 1.000 year ago. American professor discovered this site and the history of this place by the stones in early 1900’s.

The tourists that visited here, they surely the fascinating example of Classical Inca architecture.  It is not only Machu Picchu that is popular. Peru has many exciting place to visit. The mountain and hard terrain in Peru can challance you. Be careful when you go upstairs to this place. The hard stage sometimes make you exhausted. That is all the ten best places to visit South America. Find another exciting country to travel around the world.